Why Does Public Justice Matter?

What does justice in public life, justice in politics look like?

  • Is government just a device to convert public opinion (whatever it may be) into public policy? Or is it guided by standards apart from majority rule?
  • If political community is the place we come together as citizens, how is that different from our coming together as friends, church members, employees, or business partners?

  • To understand government’s task, isn’t it necessary to understand the tasks of citizens, businesses, families, or churches?

  • What mix of freedoms and responsibilities constitutes citizenship? If we understood the responsibilities, would we embrace them as much as the freedoms?

Public justice matters because it provides a framework to answer these questions, a framework for citizens to engage in public life in pursuit of justice for all.

It answers the question, how do we live life together in a way that provides diverse people with a common justice, a justice for all, public justice.

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