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Families Valued, an initiative of the Center for Public Justice, focuses on policies that support a healthy and just relationship between family and work such as paid family leave and family-appropriate work schedules. The initiative also explores how systems like health care, child care, and work requirements in the social safety net relate to family and faith communities. Families Valued develops and advances family supportive policy through

Research and Listening: Christian principles and ethics, political theology, history, and social science inform our policy analysis and proposals. Families Valued are also seeking insights of households and faith leaders on family life.

Forums: Families Valued provides online and in-person forums in which Christians can share ideas and find common ground on policies affecting family work.

Tools: Families Valued publishes reports and provide other tools to help individuals and faith-based institutions weigh and advocate for family supportive policies.

Families Valued holds to several foundational principles. First, God has a purpose for families. Healthy families help children grow and develop. They honor the sacredness of life in all of its seasons: youth, work, sickness, and aging. Second, families contribute to strong communities. Third, community institutions such as workplaces, churches, and nonprofit organizations should do their part to support and strengthen family life, as should government.

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