What Does CPJ Mean When It Talks About "Political Community"?

Everyone is part of a political community and consequently we all have God-given responsibilities as citizens who are part of this community.

Humans have the capacity to build political communities because God created us with this capacity. We therefore also have the responsibility to create the legal and institutional means of upholding and enforcing justice for all people and institutions, even as we develop and pursue a wide variety of other, nonpolitical callings for which we were also created. States should be communities of citizens whose governments have the right and the power to enforce public laws for the good of all.

In a sound and healthy political community, government recognizes and protects by law the independent, non-political responsibilities that belong to the people – rather than trying to direct the exercise of all responsibilities and to satisfy all needs.  

At the same time, the constitution of a political community must ensure that all citizens can participate freely in the political process through effective democratic representation. All citizens should also enjoy equal treatment in the rights, privileges, and benefits of the political community, for the sake of the common good. 


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