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03-14-2014Signature AchievementsAaron Belz1 Corinthians 9
05-03-2013Hanging up Our Harps: The Fading of War(-protest) Music in AmericaRyan O’Dowd1960s music
08-09-2013Waiting for Superman—and Self-Sacrifice—in Public EducationJosh Larsen 2012 Chicago Teacher’s Strike
06-08-2012Humility as the Antidote to Intolerance: A Response to the 2012 Kuyper Lecture by Miroslav VolfEmily Boop2012 Kuyper Lecture
08-17-2012Challenging the Escalation of Negative PoliticsMichael J. Gerson2012 Presidential Election
05-04-2012Civil Society After The FallTimothy Sherratt2012 Presidential Election
03-09-2012Primary Virtues, Campaign VicesTimothy Sherratt2012 Presidential Election
11-09-2012Whitman: “I am with you, and know how it is.”Aaron Belz2012 Presidential Election
11-02-2012How Should We Vote?Paul Brink2012 Presidential Election
11-02-2012Religious Freedom in the 2012 Presidential ElectionStanley Carlson-Thies2012 Presidential Election
11-02-2012Evaluating Abortion in the 2012 Presidential ElectionMichelle Crotwell Kirtley2012 Presidential Election
10-26-2012How Big Is Too Big?Stephen Monsma 2012 Presidential Election
10-26-2012Education Policy & the 2012 Presidential ElectionTed Williams III2012 Presidential Election
09-07-2012The Failure of Partisan Approaches to Economic OpportunityMichael J. Gerson2012 Presidential Election
07-12-2013Agricultural Subsidies and Public JusticeEric Hilker2013 farm bill
02-07-2014Six More Weeks of Ideological Winter?Timothy Sherratt2014 elections
10-11-2013Imagining Peace, Practicing HopeErik Borggren9/11
09-20-2013Evil and the Politics of HopeMarc LiVecche9/11
09-13-2013The Poetry of 9/11Aaron Belz9/11
12-22-2014Torture, Ethics, and the LawSteven E. Meyer9/11
12-15-2014“Fierce Convictions”Byron BorgerAbolition
05-31-2013Making the Right Argument in the Gosnell Murder CaseElisa ShearerAbortion
08-16-1999Abortion Up, Crime Down?James SkillenAbortion
12-07-1998Paternal Responsibilities And Abortion LogicKeith PavlischekAbortion
02-01-2008Pro-Life Rally—35 YearsBrenda Kay ZylstraAbortion
04-27-2007The Supreme Court and Partial-Birth AbortionStephen V. MonsmaAbortion
08-31-2012Rising above the Rights-based Abortion DebateMichelle Crotwell KirtleyAbortion
06-14-2013Taking the Long ViewBrant HimesAbraham Kuyper
10-21-2011Considering a LegacyVincent BacoteAbraham Kuyper
12-21-2012Christian Civic EducationArlan KoppendrayerAbraham Kuyper
01-31-2014Health Care ReduxRoy ClouserAbraham Kuyper
10-05-2012French-style Polarization in the U.S.?David T. KoyzisAbraham Kuyper
12-14-2012Politics & ProseByron BorgerAbraham Lincoln
10-12-2012Lincoln’s KnoxAaron BelzAbraham Lincoln
11-08-2013Prudence: The Forgotten Conservative VirtueBrad LittlejohnACA
11-08-2013Why Truthfulness MattersMichael J. GersonACA
03-14-2016A Just Response to Drug AddictionMichelle Crotwell Kirtleyaddiction
04-06-2012“More Than It Says”: Adrienne Rich (1929-2012) and the Political PoemHannah VanderHartAdrienne Rich
12-18-2009A Reflection on Advent Politics and PersecutionDennis R. HooverAdvent
05-02-2014On the GroundCatherine E. Wilsonadvocacy
06-08-2012An Economy Built on AffectionEmily Belzaffection
06-28-2013Affirmative Action, Voting Rights, and Balancing Power (1)Julia K. Stronksaffirmative action
11-10-1997A Colorblind SocietyJames Skillenaffirmative action
09-20-2013It’s Your Turn to be Vladimir PutinTimothy SherrattAffordable Care Act
04-06-2012Unelected DemocracyTimothy SherrattAffordable Care Act
06-14-2013Sustaining Medicare: Controversies and AlternativesClarke E. CochranAffordable Care Act
07-07-2014Hobby Lobby and the Messy Face of Public Justice Timothy SherrattAffordable Care Act
02-08-2013Religious Liberty, Majority Rule and the Contraception MandateTimothy Sherratt Affordable Care Act
04-25-2014Evaluating the Affordable Care Act (2)Clarke E. CochranAffordable Care Act
04-18-2014Evaluating the Affordable Care Act (1)Clarke E. CochranAffordable Care Act
05-13-2011Now What? The Pursuit of Justice in a Post-bin Laden AfghanistanMichelle KirtleyAfghanistan
01-17-2014The Decline of US Power Steven E. MeyerAfghanistan
07-11-2005Africa and the G-8 SummitJames SkillenAfrica
06-13-2005Listening to the Sudanese Church in ExileStephen LazarusAfrica
05-16-2005God Must Have a Very Large Funny Bone!Mary Stewart Van LeeuwenAfrica
04-13-2012Eat Local: Tackling the Injustice of Food InsecurityJonathan Hughesagricultural policy
06-21-2013The Farm Bill and Agricultural PolicyRonald J. Vosagricultural policy
05-06-2002Veto the Farm Bill!James SkillenAgriculture
01-04-2008Food, Fuel, and FarmingJames SkillenAgriculture
04-26-2013The George W. Bush Museum and Library DedicationMichael J. Gerson AIDS
07-19-2013Politics and ProseByron Borger Al Tizon
05-24-2013Star Trek’s Elusive UtopiaJosh LarsenAlbert M. Wolters
07-19-2013A Hole in “The Heart of the Matter”Cherie HarderAmerican Academy of Arts and Sciences
05-23-2014A Curmudgeon’s Guide to The Curmudgeon’s GuideRobert J. JoustraAmerican Enterprise Institute
06-01-2012American Exceptionalism—In God’s EyesNeil JasperseAmerican exceptionalism
07-04-2016Putting America’s “Greatness” Into PerspectiveWilliam EdgarAmerican exceptionalism
02-24-2012Calvin, Calvinism, and PoliticsJames W. SkillenAmerican exceptionalism
11-30-2012Winner Take All or Splitting the Difference: Lessons from SwitzerlandDavid T. KoyzisAmerican presidential power
08-18-2014Wisdom: The Missing Agency of Foreign PolicyCharles StrohmerAncient Near East
05-17-2013Politics and ProseByron Borgerand Define a Nation
09-06-2013When Power Goes to Your HeadRobert J. JoustraAndy Crouch
04-11-2014Poetry, Protest, and PropagandaMicah Mattixanti-war poetry
11-19-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (4)Gideon StraussApartheid
12-06-2013Nelson Mandela and the World After Apartheid Gideon StraussApartheid
05-17-2013Tough Political Choices in Syria: Recognizing the Stakes of InactionPaul S. RoweArab Spring
10-05-2012Evangelical-Islamist Encounters on the Frontlines of Change, Part I: Democracy Matures from Within Chris SeipleArab Spring
03-07-2014When Religious Liberty and Other Civil Rights CollideTimothy SherrattArizona SB 1062.
06-29-2012In Support of Thicker Walls, Wider Doorways on ImmigrationTimothy SherrattArizona v. U.S.
08-11-2014The North Carolina Poet Laureate Question (2)Aaron BelzArt
05-25-2012A Christian Perspective on Free EnterpriseJosh GoodArthur Brooks
12-20-2013Seeking Asylum, Seeking WorkJeremy Taylorasylum
02-21-2014Missionaries, Democracy, and Political CultureDavid KoyzisAt Play in the Fields of the Lord
03-15-2013The Significance of the New PopeMichael J. Gersonatholic church
07-21-2014Is There a Why? Thoughts on the HolocaustWilliam EdgarAuschwitz
08-23-2013The Problem of Elections and Australia’s Two-Party Parliamentary SystemBruce Wearne Australia
08-17-2015Authority, Citizenship, and Public JusticeDavid T. Koyzisauthority
04-18-2014Defying Authority in Obedience to Authority: Milgram’s ExperimentDavid T. Koyzisauthority
10-11-2013Pluralism and Challenges in EmploymentJulia K. StronksAzusa Pacific University
08-18-2014Other Cheek Diplomacy?William EdgarBertrand Russell
08-16-2013A Public Square Parable from Beyond the Hills Josh LarsenBeyond the Hills
03-22-2013The Mandate for JusticeJames W. Skillenbiblical justice
03-22-2013Social Welfare and the Pluriformity of AuthorityDavid T. KoyzisBill of Rights
08-08-2005The Stem Cell DebateAUTHORBioethics
11-29-2004Body, Soul, and Stem CellsMary Stewart Van LeeuwenBioethics
06-17-2002A Ban in Favor of LifeAlaine GherardiBioethics
04-11-2014Genome Editing, Designer Babies, and the Common GoodMichelle Crotwell KirtleyBioethics
10-10-2008Candidates: Wake Up to Bio-Science Advances!Michelle KirtleyBioethics
02-29-2008A Surprise Consensus on Stem Cells?Michelle KirtleyBioethics
10-26-2007Sorry, But Your Soul Just DiedTimothy StoenBioethics
08-31-2007Biotechnology and Human IdentityMichelle KirtleyBioethics