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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
04-22-2011"Come now, let us reason together"—Civil Discourse and Cognitive BiasJason E. Summerscognitive bias
04-19-2013"In…the World”James W. Skillen public life
10-07-2011"Ministerial Employees" and Sphere SovereigntyStanley Carlson-Thiessphere sovereignty
12-27-2004"Ownership Society" MisconceivedJames SkillenSocial Security
09-15-2014"Secular Government, Religious People"Byron BorgerSecular Government Religious People
01-28-2011"What should the role of the U.S. federal government be, internationally, with regard to justice for the poor?"Peter Greer, Paul Chaplininternational poverty
10-14-2011#Occupy and the Longing for Public JusticeStephanie A. SummersCitizenship
06-29-201510 Summer Reads to Inspire JusticeByron Borgerbook reviews
11-30-201512 Books for the 12 Days of ChristmasByron Borgerbook reviews
06-09-20142014 Kuyper Lecture ResponseJames W. Skillen Victor Boutros
01-03-20142014, The Year of the Christian CollegeRobert JoustraChristian Colleges
07-08-201130,000 FeetNapp Nazworthpolitics
04-27-2012A Bad Romance and A Hopeful Possibility: The Significance of the VoteHilary Sherrattvoter participation
06-17-2002A Ban in Favor of LifeAlaine GherardiBioethics
02-25-2002A Betrayal of FaithAlaine Gherardichild sexual abuse
01-20-2012A Big Victory for Religious Freedom—But How Wide?Stanley Carlson-Thiesreligious freedom
03-30-1998A Boy Scout Will be Brave, Reverent...and Tolerant?James Skillenpluralism
04-06-2012A Busy Week in the Nuclear BusinessTyler Wigg-StevensonNorth Korea
03-11-2011A Call for Intergenerational Justice: A DialogueMiriam Adeney, Jordan J. Ballor, Shirley A. Mullenintergenerational justice
03-11-2011A Call for Intergenerational Justice: A Dialogue (continued):Ryan Streeter, Lisa Sharon Harperintergenerational justice
05-25-2012A Christian Perspective on Free EnterpriseJosh GoodArthur Brooks
12-10-2010A Christian Response to Immigration Reform?Michael J. Gersonimmigration reform
08-19-2011A Christian Response to TerrorismBrenda Kay ZylstraTerrorism
02-01-2016A Christian Voice in Water PoliticsKevin R. den Dulkwater
12-22-2014A Christmas Reflection for Ordinary PeopleRoy ClouserChristmas
11-10-1997A Colorblind SocietyJames Skillenaffirmative action
08-19-2011A Crisis of Civility and RepresentationTimothy Sherrattconstitution
05-23-2014A Curmudgeon’s Guide to The Curmudgeon’s GuideRobert J. JoustraAmerican Enterprise Institute
04-20-2015A Different Kind of CampaignTed Williams IIIpolitical campaigns
05-02-2014A Eulogy for the Quebec Charter of ValuesRobert J. Joustrareligious freedom
12-01-2003A European View of President BushStephen MonsmaForeign Policy
12-03-2001A Faith-Based Christmas PackageStephen LazarusCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
02-08-2013A Fitful and Timely Compromise?Perry Recker Obama administration
06-09-1997A Global ArmyJames Skillenglobal church
10-31-2005A Good Tax-Reform ProposalJames Skillentax reform
05-27-2011A Good Tax-Reform ProposalJames W. Skillendeficit
01-18-2013A Healing Inaugural AddressMichael J. Gersonsocial mobility
07-19-2013A Hole in “The Heart of the Matter”Cherie HarderAmerican Academy of Arts and Sciences
05-23-2016A Jail is Not a Prison: Rethinking Local Criminal JusticeHarold Dean Trulearcriminal justice reform
07-20-2012A Journalist’s Confession: Justice, Honduras and the Surprise of BothJo Kadlecekempathy
03-14-2016A Just Response to Drug AddictionMichelle Crotwell Kirtleyaddiction
02-02-2007A Long, Tough RoadSteven E. MeyerIraq War
02-17-2012A Look at Immigration through the Eyes of Biblical Justice Tyler Johnsonimmigration reform
02-27-2009A Matter of Environmental ResponsibilitySteven MeyerEnergy/Environment
04-25-2014A Mobility Agendaeconomy, mobility, poverty, opportunitypoverty
05-20-2011A Moral Conversation About the Federal BudgetMichael J. GersonPaul Ryan
12-07-2012A More Inclusive Republican VisionMichael J. GersonRepublican party
07-09-2010A New Paradigm for Nuclear SecruityTyler Wigg-StevensonNuclear Security
03-08-2013A New Season in Ideologically Driven Politics?Timothy Sherratt sequester
02-25-2011A New South SudanDarlene HilburnSouth Sudan
01-05-2015A New Year for CongressAmy E. Black and Kira Dittmanimmigration reform
08-10-2012A Non-messianic PresidencyDavid T. Koyzisexecutive power
03-12-2001A Pain in the Neck: Who is Responsible?Michelle Volloccupational health
11-15-2013A Papal Antidote for Our Doctrinaire Politics?Timothy Sherrattpolitical polarization
06-30-2014A Political Campaign Worth SavoringStephanie Summerssingle-issue voting
11-17-2014A Post-Election Opportunity for PerspectiveVincent BacoteCitizenship
08-16-2013A Public Square Parable from Beyond the Hills Josh LarsenBeyond the Hills
03-29-2013A Public Square Parable from Beyond the Hills Josh LarsenPluralism
07-19-2013A Real Discussion on RaceMichael J. GersonTrayvon Martin
06-22-2012A Recipe for Gridlock?Amy E. BlackPew American Values Survey
12-18-2009A Reflection on Advent Politics and PersecutionDennis R. HooverAdvent
01-14-2011A Role for Religious Rhetoric in the Public SquareMichael J. Gersontragedy
02-10-2012A Sacrifice of Innocents: There is no Just Case for Syrian Intervention – YetRob JoustraSyria
02-18-2011A Second Nuclear AgeSteven E. Meyernuclear non-proliferation
03-20-2006A Silver Lining in the Clouded "Silver Ring Thing" CaseStanley Carlson-ThiesEqual treatment for religious organizations
05-16-2014A Sober Survey of the Middle East in 2014Paul S. RoweMiddle East
09-23-2011A Super-Sized Wish ListAmy Blacksuper committee
07-25-2005A Supreme Challenge for John RobertsJames SkillenEqual treatment for religious organizations
07-01-2002A Supreme Victory for Religious FreedomStephen LazarusEducation
02-29-2008A Surprise Consensus on Stem Cells?Michelle KirtleyBioethics
05-29-2006A Tale of Two TextbooksStephen LazarusReligion/Secularization
06-02-2014A Telling ElectionSteven E. MeyerSchengen Agreement
05-13-2011A View from the Intersection of Church and State: Promoting Partnerships in both Obama and Bush AdministrationsBen O'Dellfaith-based initiative
06-23-2014A View from Za’atari Refugee CampJoan KnausZa’atari camp
10-08-2010A Vision Anchored in HopeKristen Deede JohnsonPluralism
01-31-2014A Way Out of the Syrian DebacleSteven E. MeyerGeneva II Conference on Syria
10-09-2009A Woman's Place—in GovernmentRuth MelkonianGender
09-09-2011A World Free From Nuclear WeaponsHerman Keizer, Jr.nuclear nonproliferation
01-11-2013A “Common Good” Prescription for our Political MalaiseMichelle Crotwell Kirtleycommon good
01-06-1997Abandoning Public Service?James SkillenPolitics/Government
11-03-2014Abortion Regulations and Public JusticeClarke Cochranwomen’s health
08-16-1999Abortion Up, Crime Down?James SkillenAbortion
08-26-2011Accessing the Justice We PursueJulia K. Stronkslegal access
09-28-2012Accommodating Faith-Based Organizations in HIV/AIDS Services By Stanley Carlson-Thiesrelgious freedom
09-02-2011Accountable Care Organizations, Justice and Pluralism in Health Care DeliveryJess O. Hale, care reform
09-28-2012Addressing the Opportunity GapMichael J. Gersoneconomic mobility
11-05-2010Addressing the Role of Government in Response to the Rise of the Tea Party MovementWilliam Edgar, Hilary SherrattTea Party
06-30-2014Adoption: Redemption or Exploitation?Becca McBrideinternational adoption
12-21-2007Advancing Religious Freedom Against the TideStanley Carlson-ThiesReligious Liberty
06-28-2013Affirmative Action, Voting Rights, and Balancing Power (1)Julia K. Stronksaffirmative action
10-07-2011Afghanistan: The End of the Line?Steven E. MeyerIraq
07-22-2011Afghanistan: The End of the Line?Steven E. MeyerIraq
07-11-2005Africa and the G-8 SummitJames SkillenAfrica
01-11-2013African-American Turnout and the Fate of the Voting Rights ActTimothy Sherratt Voting Rights Act
11-14-2016After the Elections: A Vision for Re-Constructive PoliticsTimothy Sherrattpolitical discipleship
04-06-2015After the End: An Easter MeditationWilliam Edgarglobal Christianity
11-24-2006After the Neo-ConsSteven E. Meyerforeign policy
03-24-2003After the WarStephen MonsmaForeign Policy
10-26-1998Against the DeclineJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
02-15-2013Agreeing on Economic Opportunity?Michael J. GersonState of the Union