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Publication DateTitleAuthors(s)
12-19-2016Christmas – Interlude or Main Event?James W. Skillen
12-12-2016EntitlementJames W. Skillen
12-05-2016CPJ's 2016 Christmas BooksByron Borger
11-21-2016Disciples After the ElectionVincent E. Bacote
11-14-2016After the Elections: A Vision for Re-Constructive PoliticsTimothy Sherratt
11-07-2016Just Trade Policy in a Changing World EconomyRodney D. Ludema
10-31-2016Still in Demand: Why the World Needs AmericaRobert J. Joustra
10-24-2016Criminal Justice Policy: Voting “Down” in 2016Harold Dean Trulear
10-17-2016Why Loving Our Neighbors Includes Voting Down BallotKevin R. den Dulk
10-10-2016Why Vote? Towards Civic Faithfulness Jesse Covington
10-03-2016Elections Matter: Crafting Just Science Policy for the Common GoodMichelle Crotwell Kirtley
09-26-2016Honoring Our Calling to Work and Family in Public PolicyRachel Anderson
09-19-2016Religious Freedom: An Invitation to Wash Some Feet This Election Season Chelsea Langston Bombino
09-12-2016Why Justice Requires Educational Opportunity and FreedomCharles Glenn
09-05-2016Cultivating Rooted CitizensStephanie Summers
07-25-2016Narrowing the Gate: Options for Criminal Justice Reform Jennifer E. Walsh
07-18-2016What Brexit Teaches UsAlice-Catherine Carls
07-11-2016Top Ten Summer Reads 2016Byron Borger
07-04-2016Putting America’s “Greatness” Into PerspectiveWilliam Edgar
06-27-2016Confident Pluralism: A ResponseBryan McGraw
06-20-2016Confident PluralismJohn Inazu
06-13-2016Political Discipleship?Vincent E. Bacote
06-06-2016Predatory Lending and Fixing the Small Loan Market Rachel Anderson and Katie Thompson
05-30-2016Life Has Never Been NormalAaron Belz
05-23-2016A Jail is Not a Prison: Rethinking Local Criminal JusticeHarold Dean Trulear
05-16-2016Protecting Life and the Diversity of Medicaid ProvidersChelsea Langston
05-09-2016Votes Versus Rules and the Democracy That Could Be Timothy Sherratt
05-02-2016The Electoral College: Balancing Competing GoodsJesse Covington
04-25-2016Climate Change: What Can Civil Society Do About It?Rusty Pritchard
04-18-2016Primary TimeCarol Veldman Rudie
04-11-2016Public Service: Call and ResponseStephanie Summers
04-04-2016Religious Freedom: One Notion Under God, IndivisiblePaul S. Rowe
03-28-2016Resurrection PowerWilliam Edgar
03-21-2016Why Christians Should Care About Religious Freedom for MuslimsChelsea Langston
03-14-2016A Just Response to Drug AddictionMichelle Crotwell Kirtley
03-07-2016Christians, the Election, and Foreign PolicySteven E. Meyer
02-29-2016Reforming Crime and Punishment Policies the Right WayJennifer E. Walsh
02-22-2016Sunday School Stories for the Polling Place CrowdRyan Patrick O’Dowd
02-15-2016The Isaiah Wall and the World: Peacekeeping in a World Without Peace to KeepRobert J. Joustra
02-08-2016Big Picture LeadershipWilliam Edgar
02-01-2016A Christian Voice in Water PoliticsKevin R. den Dulk
01-25-2016Beyond Punishment for the Crime: Collateral Consequences of a ConvictionHeather Garretson
01-18-2016An Election Year ResolutionStephanie Summers
01-11-2016The Equality Act, LGBT Rights, and Religious FreedomChelsea Langston
01-04-2016“Ethics for Caesar”? The Good of Political OfficeDavid Koyzis
12-21-2015The Not-So-New Presidential CampaignTimothy Sherratt
12-14-2015Does the Church Have a Social Responsibility?Robert J. Joustra
12-07-2015Presidential Debates: What are They Good For?Mikael Pelz
11-30-201512 Books for the 12 Days of ChristmasByron Borger
11-23-2015End-of-Life Care and Dying WellMichelle Crotwell Kirtley
11-16-2015Politics in the Trenches: Local Advocacy for Immigration Reform in IowaBy Harold Heie
11-09-2015Auto Title Lending: Plundering and Devouring the Poor?Nate Frierson
11-02-2015Renationalizing Justice: The European Union’s Identity CrisisSteven E. Meyer
10-26-2015No Child is DisposableMichael Gerson & Stephanie Summers
10-19-2015Everything I Know About Syria I Learned from The Hunger GamesPaul S. Rowe
10-12-2015Widows and Orphans…and Unskilled Single Men? Rethinking Poverty PolicyKira Dittman, Hannah Considine, and Amy E. Black
10-05-2015Authoring Confusion: Iran, Islam, and Missing the PointDaniel Allen
09-28-2015The Apostle Paul: A Revolutionary Conservative William Edgar
09-21-2015Jury Duty: Peership in a Divided CultureA. Kayleigh Shebs
09-14-2015NYC, Pre-K & Public Justice – A Way ForwardStephanie Summers
09-07-2015Labor Day & Our CallingJames Skillen
08-31-2015Saving Politics from IdeologyTimothy Sherratt
08-24-2015Back From Recess: Recovering Congressional LeadershipAmy E. Black
08-17-2015Authority, Citizenship, and Public JusticeDavid T. Koyzis
08-10-2015John Calvin and the CaliphateRobert J. Joustra
08-03-2015Money and Campaigns: Current Realities, Future PossibilitiesTed Williams III
07-27-2015Solomon’s Porch or the Academy of Athens?William Edgar
07-20-2015Neither a Christian Nor a Secular NationStephen V. Monsma
07-13-2015Intervention and Securing Justice AbroadSteven E. Meyer
07-06-2015Reasons to Hope #Lovewins for Religious Organizations and Individuals As WellChelsea Langston
06-29-201510 Summer Reads to Inspire JusticeByron Borger
06-22-2015Public Justice & The Pope's Environmental EncyclicalNoah Toly
06-15-2015The International Institutionalism We Need NowRobert J. Joustra
06-08-2015The Supreme Court: Guardian or Threat?Jesse Covington
06-01-2015Overcoming Poverty: Beginning with the EndStephanie Summers
05-25-2015Driving with the Brakes On: Why Doing Justice Is So DifficultClarke E. Cochran
05-18-2015Millennials Care About Political Community (and Just Tweeted About It)Katie Thompson
05-11-2015Serving the City, Shaping the Political Community David Kim
05-04-2015The United Nations: A Global Institution Still Worth Engaging?Kathryn Yarlett
04-27-2015Championing Our KidsMichael J. Gerson
04-20-2015A Different Kind of CampaignTed Williams III
04-13-2015April 15 Is Tax Day -- and It’s Time for Tax ReformJohn Anderson
04-06-2015After the End: An Easter MeditationWilliam Edgar
03-30-2015Magna Carta at 800David Koyzis
03-23-2015Changing Flags, Shifting IdentitiesBruce C. Wearne
03-16-2015Rationing Pharmaceuticals in Medicaid: Putting a Price on Human Life?Michelle Crotwell Kirtley
03-09-2015Sticks, Stones, and SpeechJesse Covington
03-02-2015Israel’s FutureSteven E. Meyer
02-23-2015Religious Freedom: Cause of Discrimination or Foundation for Diversity?Stanley Carlson-Thies
02-16-2015The Modern Presidency: Populism Vs. Public JusticeTimothy Sherratt
02-09-2015My People: Properly Subversive TheologyWilliam Edgar
02-02-2015Citizenship is Our Common CallingStephanie Summers
01-26-2015Freedom, Tolerance, and RespectStephen V. Monsma
01-26-2015Selma’s Communal Commitment to JusticeJosh Larsen
01-26-2015Race and Adoption in AmericaJedd Medefind
01-26-2015The Cradle Fund: A Bridge for Shalom in the Middle EastCharles Strohmer
01-19-2015Seeking Just Lending Practices (2)Stephen K. Reeves
01-19-2015On King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”Stephanie Summers
01-19-2015Military Humanitarian Intervention and International JusticePaul Edgar
01-19-2015“The Hobbit Party” and “Called to the Life of the Mind”Byron Borger