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CPJ's 2015 Annual Report


Dear Friends,

For many people, this year their focus on politics will be on one day, Election Day, but through your generosity to CPJ, you’re part of a movement of those who believe our citizenship calls us to advance justice for all, every day of the year.

I’m deeply thankful to share with you examples of God's provision in 2015: citizens who are shaping political communities towards public justice every day.

And I ask for your ongoing generosity in 2016 – that many more people would develop and deepen their practice of citizenship, a citizenship that pursues justice for all, every day of the year.

With gratitude,

Stephanie Summers, CEO, The Center for Public Justice


What people are saying about CPJ ...

“Thank you for your Capital Commentary article. It provides an excellent overview of how Reformed political thought relates to, and can inform, our understanding of the American political order, particularly the judiciary. I expect to refer back to it often.” - Capital Commentary Reader

“This was a very fine column with good insight and practical suggestions for more meaningful use of the debates for our participation in electoral politics.” - Capital Commentary Reader

“Having a platform to think critically about the issues of today in a manner that calls us to hope is indispensable.”  - Shared Justice Writer

“When I ran the student justice club at the University of Arizona, students often brought in articles from Shared Justice for us to read and discuss.”  - Shared Justice Reader

“My world has expanded in ways I did not think were possible.”  - Christians Investing in Education Intern

“Can we meet for coffee? I need to process this school policy issue and no one else I know is thinking about this stuff.”  -Pittsburgh, PA resident involved in Christians Investing in Education

“For such a time as this IRFA is on the front lines and it is a privilege to co-labor alongside you.”  - Senior Executive Of A Major Faith-based Organization

“I am so grateful for IRFA's work. Truly a ministry beyond what you know.”  - Leader Of A Major Christian Church Denomination

Capital Commentary

CPJ's weekly current affairs publication tackles an incredibly diverse range of issues, both domestic and international, and makes connections for readers to the public justice principles that often go unnoticed in political deliberations.

In 2015 Capital Commentary:

  • Produced 62 articles from 35 contributors from across the globe.
  • Had 43,000 readers throughout the year.
  • Published articles including:
    • "Sticks, Stones & Speech"
    • "John Calvin and the Caliphate"
    • “Neither A Christian Nor A Secular Nation”


Christians Investing in Education

Works to inspire and equip citizens with tailored tools and resources to enable them to engage in education policy reform to achieve justice for every child and family. CIE's suite of resources helps citizens grow in their awareness of the issues of education policy and encourages them toward action for justice for all citizens in the political community.

In 2015, Christians Investing in Education:

  • Produced multiple new resources for its website, which was visited by over 12,000 people.
  • Developed an Institute for Citizen Engagement in Education that will be launched in Spring 2016.
  • Equipped citizens through numerous events in the Pittsburgh area including at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Grove City College and Duquesne University.


Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance

IRFA promotes government policies, public attitudes and organizational practices that safeguard institutional religious freedom so that faith-based organizations can make their vital and uncommon contributions to the common good.

In 2015, the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance:

  • In partnership with Brazos Press released an award-winning book, Free to Serve: Protecting the Religious Freedom of Faith-based Organizations.
  • Continued to provide timely news content on issues of religious freedom to over 11,000 readers in 2015.
  • Conducted numerous training and equipping sessions for staff, board members and legal counsels of a variety of faith-based organizations.
  • Worked with Federal government leaders and policy makers in the Executive branch and Congress to shape policy on religious freedom issues from religious hiring to eligibility for government funding.


Shared Justice

Is a daily online journal written by and for Millennials as an authentic counter-narrative to the belief that Millennials are disengaged and don't care about political life. Shared Justice believes public justice is a calling for all citizens, not just another 'cause' and helps readers understand what it means to do politics justly in their neighborhoods, states and country.

In 2015, Shared Justice:

  • Launched a book specifically for Millennials, Unleashing Opportunity: Why Escaping Poverty Requires A Shared Vision Of Justice that explores key issues of domestic injustice and a public justice framework for engaging them.
  • Had over 70 contributors and over 24,000 readers.
  • Published over 120 articles on topics ranging from poverty to international relations.
  • Published articles including:
    • “Solitary Confinement is No Place for Kids”
    • “Foster Youth are Disappearing into Dark World of Trafficking”
    • “Race and Adoption in America: Glimmers of Hope Amidst Dark Times”
    • “Thoughts, Prayers, and Our Twisted Politics: What the Response to San Bernardino Reveals”


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Ron Sider

“I am grateful for the work of CPJ as it seeks to analyze and shape American politics from a deeply Christian perspective.  Especially crucial right now is their work on religious freedom."

Ron Sider, Senior Distinguished Professor of Theology, Holistic Ministry, and Public Policy, Palmer Seminary at Eastern University

Art Simon

“CPJ is carefully anchored in a faithfully biblical worldview and reflects a positive, Christian view of government and our responsibility as earthly citizens who have a higher citizenship in heaven.  They offer a stream of thoughtful reflection on current issues that help to inform me, and it continues to prepare a new generation of public leaders who are shaped by a Christian worldview.”

Art Simon, Founder and President Emeritus for Bread for the World and author of Bread for the World (1985) and How Much Is Enough (2003)

Nicholas Wolterstoff

“CPJ operates with a positive view of government as called by God to secure justice and the common good. It does not ally itself with either the left or the right but analyzes the political scene with biblically informed critical discernment. It offers informed and thoughtful guidance on how its core position of principled pluralism can best be implemented in our present situation. There is no other organization doing these important things. It is unique.”

Nicholas Wolterstoff, Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology, Yale University

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