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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
01-20-1997Of Oaths and OfficesJames SkillenPolitics/Government
01-06-1997Abandoning Public Service?James SkillenPolitics/Government
09-01-2006All Politics is GlobalJames SkillenPolitics/Government
11-11-1996Divided We StandLuis LugoPolitics/Government
08-04-2006Many a Slip from Party Philosophy to Governing PolicyTimothy SherrattPolitics/Government
09-30-1996Will the Real Democratic Party Please Stand UpLuis LugoPolitics/Government
06-10-1996Advantage Dole?James SkillenPolitics/Government
03-06-2006Prophetic Politics Goes to Washington?Timothy SherrattPolitics/Government
03-28-2014The Example of Pope FrancisMichael J. GersonPope Francis
04-05-2013An Easter Tale of Two Global Churches, Fractured yet HopefulTimothy Sherratt Pope Francis I
04-19-2013Pope Francis, the Culture of Life, and the Care of CreationRusty PritchardPope John Paul II
03-23-2015Changing Flags, Shifting IdentitiesBruce C. Wearnepost-colonialism
07-27-2012The Decline of the American Family: An Economic CatastropheTed Williams IIIpoverty
10-12-2015Widows and Orphans…and Unskilled Single Men? Rethinking Poverty PolicyKira Dittman, Hannah Considine, and Amy E. Blackpoverty
06-15-2012Two Half Answers to PovertyStephen V. Monsmapoverty
12-31-2010Marriage Matters in Middle AmericaJosh Goodpoverty
12-31-2010Welfare ResponsibilitiesStanley Carlson-Thiespoverty
11-11-2011The Justice of Economic MobilityMichael J. Gersonpoverty
04-25-2014A Mobility Agendaeconomy, mobility, poverty, opportunitypoverty
06-24-2011What Would Jesus Cut?Tim Kingpoverty
06-03-2011The Moral Underpinnings of CapitalismMichael J. Gersonpoverty
08-31-2012Politics & ProseByron Borgerpoverty
08-30-2013Beyond Purely Economic Solutions to PovertyBy the Editorial Team, Shared Justicepoverty alleviation
08-30-2013Poverty Alleviation, Social Innovation, and the Nonprofit SectorCatherine E. Wilsonpoverty alleviation
06-07-2013Economic Growth: Always Good?George N. Monsma, Jr.poverty reduction
12-17-2010Desire of All Nations--an Advent and Christmas PrayerGideon Straussprayer
11-09-2015Auto Title Lending: Plundering and Devouring the Poor?Nate Friersonpredatory lending
06-06-2016Predatory Lending and Fixing the Small Loan Market Rachel Anderson and Katie Thompsonpredatory lending
01-28-2011Whole Life Instead of Pro-Life?Marc Andreaspregnancy
10-12-2012Principles for Health Care Policy: A Guide for VotersLeah AndersonPresident Barack Obama
07-05-2013Explosions in EgyptSteven E. MeyerPresident Morsi
02-11-2011Faith and the PresidentMichael J. GersonPresident Obama
12-21-2015The Not-So-New Presidential CampaignTimothy Sherrattpresidential campaigns
01-12-2004Iowa and New Hampshire and...James Skillenpresidential campaigns
04-18-2016Primary TimeCarol Veldman Rudiepresidential campaigns
06-19-2000Rudderless PoliticsJames Skillenpresidential campaigns
02-14-2000Party-ing in the MiddleChristen Yatespresidential campaigns
12-07-2015Presidential Debates: What are They Good For?Mikael Pelzpresidential debates
01-27-2012God Talk on the Campaign Trail: Evaluating Religious AppealsAmy E. BlackPresidential election 2012
12-16-2011Christ and CultureCristina MartinezPrinceton University
04-27-2012Pluralism in Structure, Pluralism in BonesMatthew Kaemingkprinciple pluralism
07-20-2015Neither a Christian Nor a Secular NationStephen V. Monsmaprincipled pluralism
01-05-2015An Important Year for Religious LibertyTimothy Sherrattprincipled pluralism
11-26-2010Just Welfare PolicyJames W. Skillenprincipled pluralism
09-15-2014Pluralism, Education Policy, and the Reality of Unintended ConsequencesKevin R. den Dulkprincipled pluralism
11-22-2013Finding Common Ground in the Culture WarStephen V. Monsmaprincipled pluralism
06-15-2012North Korea: Clear Evil, No Clear SolutionsJudd Birdsallprison camps
04-01-2011Entrepreneurship and Prison Re-entryHarold Dean Trulearprisoner reentry
05-25-2012Human Dignity and the Progress of the Pro-Life MovementMichael J. Gersonpro-life movement
02-19-1996So What If Hillary Is Guilty?James Skillenproportional representation
11-14-2005The Redistricting Game: Parties 2, Citizens 0William Harperproportional representation
02-21-2005Iraqi Elections: Way Ahead of Us?William Harperproportional representation
03-04-2011On Wisconsin: Budget Battles and Adversarial PoliticsDavid T. Koyzisproportional representation
08-25-2003Help California Vote!Timothy Sherrattproportional representation
05-05-2003An Iraqi Democracy Should Be A Pluralist DemocracyWilliam Harperproportional representation
07-16-2001Party Loyalty: Why Expect It?William Zimmermanproportional representation
05-14-2010Bipartisanship 101, UK StyleJonathan Chaplinproportional representation
03-15-1999Majority No Longer Moral?James Skillenproportional representation
06-23-1997Racial JusticeJames Skillenproportional representation
08-05-1996America Needs More Than a Third PartyJames Skillenproportional representation
11-26-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (5)Gideon StraussPsalm 137
01-28-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (9)Gideon StraussPsalm 19
03-18-2011The Politics of the PsalmsDavid T. KoyzisPsalms
01-21-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (8)Gideon StraussPsalms
10-20-2014“Forgive Us: Confessions of a Compromised Faith”Byron Borgerpublic confession
11-26-2010Civility in Public DiscourseMichael J. Gersonpublic discourse
03-08-2013Christians Investing in Public EducationStephanie Summerspublic education reform
03-01-2013“Who Stole the Soul?” The Political Poetry of Public EnemyAaron BelzPublic Enemy
10-22-2010Making Tough DecisionsDavid T. Koyzispublic health
05-18-2015Millennials Care About Political Community (and Just Tweeted About It)Katie Thompsonpublic justice
02-02-2015Citizenship is Our Common CallingStephanie Summerspublic justice
12-15-2014Can a Nuclear State be a Just State?Robert J. Joustrapublic justice
09-09-2011On Taking Public Life SeriouslyStephanie A. Summerspublic justice
10-15-2010Connecting Principles and PracticeGideon StraussPublic Justice Principles
04-19-2013"In…the World”James W. Skillen public life
01-02-2009Politically Correct PrayerRuth MelkonianPublic Moral Discourse
06-01-2015Overcoming Poverty: Beginning with the EndStephanie Summerspublic policy
12-07-2012Peering into the Bird’s Nest of Public Service UnionsBrian Dijkemapublic sector unions
04-11-2016Public Service: Call and ResponseStephanie Summerspublic service
01-26-2015Race and Adoption in AmericaJedd Medefindrace
01-01-2001Race and Politics: A New Year's ChallengeKeith PavlischekRace Relations
12-18-2000Mending the BreachStephen LazarusRace Relations
11-24-2014Transformative Justice in FergusonMikael Pelzracial discrimination
01-05-2015The Power and Principle of Nonviolent ProtestHarold Dean Trulearracial injustice
12-15-2014Clergy and Millennials Pursuing Justice in FergusonHarold Dean Trulearracial injustice
09-08-2014Priests and Prophets in FergusonHarold Dean Trulearracism
08-05-2011Rahm Emanuel's ChoiceDave LarsenRahm Emanuel
06-29-2012Politics & ProseByron BorgerRandy S. Woodley
06-01-2012Politics & ProseByron BorgerRay Blunt
07-20-2012Arizona’s System to Verify Residency StatusJulia Stronks and Aaron Korthiusreasonable suspicion
01-26-2015The Cradle Fund: A Bridge for Shalom in the Middle EastCharles Strohmerrefugees
12-21-2012Obama’s Journey from OsloJohn D. CarlsonReinhold Niebuhr
10-04-2013Lumen Fidei and the Politics of TrustRobert J. Joustrarelational diplomacy
05-31-2013When Citizens DisagreeJames SkillenRelativism
09-28-2012Accommodating Faith-Based Organizations in HIV/AIDS Services By Stanley Carlson-Thiesrelgious freedom
12-10-2010Beyond Kennedy Catholicism?Steven Garberreligion
03-09-2012Koran-burning & Sacrilege: Religion Matters in DiplomacyTed Williams IIIreligion & civil society
01-21-2011Invoking God in PublicDavid T. Koyzisreligion & politics
06-29-2012Should We Care about a Candidate’s Religion?Kevin R. den DulkReligion & politics; 2012 Presidential campaign
02-18-2011God in the White HouseDavid T. Koyzisreligion & public life