Capital Commentary is the weekly current-affairs publication of CPJ, written to encourage the pursuit of public justice.

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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
11-02-2015Renationalizing Justice: The European Union’s Identity CrisisSteven E. MeyerEuropean Union
04-13-2012Render to CaesarLuis E. Lugo Pluralism
10-04-2013Renewal in the Shadow of Great Power PoliticsBecca McBrideUnited Nations Security Council
10-26-2012Republican Arguments for Social Mobility and the Common GoodMichael J. Gersonsocial mobility
08-30-2013Responding to Syria’s WarMichael J. GersonSyrian war
08-04-2014Responding to the Unaccompanied Minor CrisisAaron Korthuisundocumented minors
05-17-2013Responding to Threats to Religious FreedomLeah Seppanen Anderson healthcare policy
08-11-2014Responsibility, Power, and Irresponsible InterventionBradford LittlejohnUkraine
03-28-2016Resurrection PowerWilliam EdgarEaster
08-27-2001Retarget the Farm SubsidiesJames Skillenfarm subsidies
01-06-2012Rick Santorum’s Anti-Individualistic Brand of ConservatismMichael J. GersonRick Santorum
09-14-2012Rights, Regulation and Human DignityPaul BrinkGun Control
08-31-2012Rising above the Rights-based Abortion DebateMichelle Crotwell KirtleyAbortion
04-07-2003Road Map to Middle East PeaceDonald KruseMiddle East
07-13-2012Roberts RulesTimothy Sherratttax
03-07-2014Robocop Recycled: Tired Heroes, Exhausted JusticeRobert J. Joustraentertainment industry
01-25-2013Roe Plus Forty: Where Now?David T. KoyzisRoe v. Wade
06-19-2000Rudderless PoliticsJames Skillenpresidential campaigns
06-06-2008Rule of Law Succumbs to Torture for SafetyJames SkillenTerrorism
02-01-2013Russia Blew Up the Adoption Bridge. Now What?Jedd Medefindinternational adoption
12-07-2012Sad Christmas Songs Say So MuchAaron BelzCharles Schulz
12-17-2010Safeguarding Immigrant FamiliesStephanie SummersImmigration
03-02-2012Same-sex Marriage & Religious FreedomChelsea Langstonsame-sex marriage
07-05-2013Same-Sex Marriage and the Continuing Conversation (2)Julia K. StronksDOMA
08-24-2012Same-Sex Marriage and the Political TaskPaul Brinksame-sex marriage
08-31-2015Saving Politics from IdeologyTimothy Sherrattpolitical engagement
06-09-1998School Prayer Isn't the SolutionJames SkillenReligious Liberty
05-09-2008School Prayer—AgainStephen MonsmaReligious Liberty
06-15-2012Science in Political DiscourseJason E. Summers C.P. Snow
08-10-2012Scripture from the StateMatthew Arildsenhealth care reform
10-22-2001Seamless SillinessKeith PavlischekTerrorism
10-11-2013Sebelius vs. Stewart: A Clash of RhetoricsAaron BelzJon Stewart
12-10-2010Security and DefenseJames W. Skillensecurity
02-02-1998Seeds of ChangeMichelle VollForeign Policy
02-28-2014Seeing SyriaMichael J. GersonSyria
09-27-2013Seeing the Imago Dei in Fruitvale StationJosh LarsenFruitvale Station
03-18-2011Seeing the World Through the Lens of HopeMichelle Kirtleyresurrection
04-22-2002Seeing Two Sides in the Land of PromiseDonald KruseMiddle East
12-20-2013Seeking Asylum, Seeking WorkJeremy Taylorasylum
02-17-2012Seeking Harmony in ChinaJames W. SkillenConfucianism
01-12-2015Seeking Just Lending PracticesStephen K. Reevesusury laws
01-19-2015Seeking Just Lending Practices (2)Stephen K. Reevesusury
08-23-2013Seeking Justice in the International Arena: A Christian Vocation?Steven E. Meyerglobalization
09-22-2014Seeking Peace in Election SeasonStephanie Summersvoting
01-26-2015Selma’s Communal Commitment to JusticeJosh LarsenVoting Rights Act
01-08-1996Senator Coats, Meet Glenn LouryJames SkillenPolitics/Government
03-15-2013Sequestration and a Failure of LeadershipAaron Korthiussequester
02-01-2013Serving Others: A New Lens for Political EngagementDaynan CrullSuperstorm Sandy
05-11-2015Serving the City, Shaping the Political Community David Kimsphere sovereignty
11-09-1998Sex, Race and Marriage LawKeith PavlischekMarriage/Family
06-21-2013Sexual Assault, the Military, and Public JusticeJulia K. Stronks Kristen Gillibrand
01-10-2014Shedding Christian Blood: The Perils of Naïve SolidarityBradford Littlejohnconflict resolution
06-29-2012Should We Care about a Candidate’s Religion?Kevin R. den DulkReligion & politics; 2012 Presidential campaign
09-07-2012Should We Jump Off the Fiscal Cliff?Todd P. Steennational debt
02-23-2004Shrinking Religious LibertyJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
03-14-2014Signature AchievementsAaron Belz1 Corinthians 9
04-04-2014Simply Because It’s the Right Thing to DoTimothy SherrattRussell Moore
01-24-2014Sister Wives, Polygamy, and CohabitationJulia K. Stronkscohabitation
02-07-2014Six More Weeks of Ideological Winter?Timothy Sherratt2014 elections
03-03-1997Skip the Balanced Budget AmendmentJames SkillenPolitics/Government
03-25-2011Slow PoliticsGideon Strausspolitics
04-29-2011Small Steps Forward on Climate Change and Public JusticeRusty Pritchardclimate change
07-26-2013Small Steps Towards Principled PluralismTimothy SherrattUS Senate rules
01-06-2012Smart Power or Wise Power?Charles StrohmerForeign Policy
04-03-2006Snitch and DieAlice-Catherine CarlsCivil Society
01-10-2014Snow PoetryAaron Belzsnow
02-19-1996So What If Hillary Is Guilty?James Skillenproportional representation
04-19-2013Social Justice and the Body of ChristCristina Martinezwelfare
06-05-2000Social Security and the PoorJames SkillenSocial Security
03-22-2013Social Welfare and the Pluriformity of AuthorityDavid T. KoyzisBill of Rights
01-03-2014Society and DependenceMichael J. GersonHenri Nouwen
12-17-2010Sojourners Among UsDavid T. KoyzisImmigration
07-27-2015Solomon’s Porch or the Academy of Athens?William Edgaruniversity education
10-26-2007Sorry, But Your Soul Just DiedTimothy StoenBioethics
02-14-2014SOTU and the Failure of PoliticsBradford Littlejohnunilateralism
06-04-2010South Africa at 100Johannes WesselsSouth Africa
05-02-2014Speaking Openly and Candidly on the Subject of RaceTimothy SherrattSonia Sotomayor
06-28-2013Special Elections and the Paradox of Voter FatigueTimothy Sherrattcitizen sovereignty
06-10-2011Stamp-Collectors, Tulip-Growers, and PoetsJohn Wilsonpoetry
01-04-1999Stand Up for SomethingJames SkillenMorality
05-24-2013Star Trek’s Elusive UtopiaJosh LarsenAlbert M. Wolters
09-22-2014Starred Up’s Model PrisonerJosh Larsenyouth offenders
11-15-2013State Efforts to Monitor Corruption in Intercountry AdoptionBecca McBrideinternational adoption
01-29-2010State of the UnionTim SherrattPolitics/Government
03-08-2013Staying in the Political GameVincent Bacoteyoung Christians
01-23-2006Stem Cell GrailMichelle KirtleyBioethics
07-21-2006Stem Cell VetoMichelle KirtleyBioethics
11-01-2013Step Into My OfficeJames W. Skillen stewardship
12-31-2010Stewardship and JusticeMichelle Kirtleysocial issues
12-14-2012Stewardship and the Fiscal CliffJohn Andersontax reform
03-09-2015Sticks, Stones, and SpeechJesse Covingtonsubsidiarity
10-31-2016Still in Demand: Why the World Needs AmericaRobert J. Joustrainternational relations
10-13-2006Stop Gun Violence!Dean TrulearGun Control
06-08-2007Stop Trying to Fence in Our FaithStanley Carlson-ThiesReligious Liberty
04-26-1999Strategy and Justice in KosovoKeith PavlischekForeign Policy
10-27-2014Study Abroad and Health Professions EducationJessica Venturastudy abroad
04-14-1997SuicideJames Skillensuicide
11-16-2012Suicide and Narrow Social AgendasJack HankeMassachusetts
02-22-2016Sunday School Stories for the Polling Place CrowdRyan Patrick O’Dowdelections
06-17-2011Supreme Court Assesses State Immigration PolicyJulia K. StronksImmigration