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01-28-2011Whole Life Instead of Pro-Life?Marc Andreaspregnancy
01-28-2011Two Reasons for CivilityMichael J. Gersoncivility
01-21-2011The Significance of the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.Vincent Bacote, Jonathan D. Fitzgerald, Xavier PickettMartin Luther King Jr.
01-21-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (8)Gideon StraussPsalms
01-21-2011Legal Abortion: An Unjust PeaceBrenda Kay ZylstraMarch for Life
01-21-2011Invoking God in PublicDavid T. Koyzisreligion & politics
01-14-2011What was the most important political event of 2010? (Part 2)Stanley Carlson-Thies, Cherie Harder, Jedd Medefind, Clinton Stockwell, Tyler Wigg-Stevenson, Ashley Woodiwisspolitics
01-14-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (7)Gideon Straussevil
01-14-2011Poetry and PowerAaron BelzRobert Frost
01-14-2011A Role for Religious Rhetoric in the Public SquareMichael J. Gersontragedy
01-07-2011What was the most important political event of 2010?Kyle Bennett, Josh Good, Mark Labberton, Marc LiVecche, Glenda Mathes, David Naugle, Catherine Wilsonpolitics
01-07-2011Our Times Are in Your Hand - an Epiphany PrayerGideon Straussepiphany
01-07-2011Christian Political EngagementBlythe Scottfaith and politics
01-07-2011Understanding ObamaHarold Heietaxes
12-31-2010Marriage Matters in Middle AmericaJosh Goodpoverty
12-31-2010Stewardship and JusticeMichelle Kirtleysocial issues
12-31-2010Welfare ResponsibilitiesStanley Carlson-Thiespoverty
12-31-2010National Debt and the Principle of SubsidiarityMichael J. Gersonsubsidiarity
12-17-2010Safeguarding Immigrant FamiliesStephanie SummersImmigration
12-17-2010Desire of All Nations--an Advent and Christmas PrayerGideon Straussprayer
12-17-2010Conserving the EnvironmentJames W. Skillenguidelines
12-17-2010Sojourners Among UsDavid T. KoyzisImmigration
12-10-2010Beyond Kennedy Catholicism?Steven Garberreligion
12-10-2010Facing the Truth: The Implications of the National DebtGreer Gamblefiscal responsibility
12-10-2010Security and DefenseJames W. Skillensecurity
12-10-2010A Christian Response to Immigration Reform?Michael J. Gersonimmigration reform
12-03-2010The Ethical Promise and Challenge of Simulation-based Military TrainingJason E. Summerstechnology
12-03-2010Wonder, Heartbreak, and Hope (6)Gideon Straussinjustice
12-03-2010Upholding LifeJames W. Skillenhuman dignity
12-03-2010Hope for the Korean PeninsulaDavid T. KoyzisNorth Korea
11-26-2010Faith as the End, Not the MeansGabe Lyonspolitics
11-26-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (5)Gideon StraussPsalm 137
11-26-2010Just Welfare PolicyJames W. Skillenprincipled pluralism
11-26-2010Civility in Public DiscourseMichael J. Gersonpublic discourse
11-19-2010Reactions to the Political Implications of Gabe Lyons' new book: The Next ChristiansJuanita Irizarry, Mickael S. Chenpolitics
11-19-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (4)Gideon StraussApartheid
11-19-2010Justice for EducationJames W. Skillenschool choice
11-19-2010Politically Discerning CompassionDavid T. KoyzisSuffering
11-12-2010Reactions to the Political Implications of the Book, The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian AmericaXavier Pickett, Nate BarksdaleEvangelicals
11-12-2010Elections, Gridlock, and Republican VirtuesTimothy SherrattGovernment
11-12-2010CitizenshipJames W. SkillenCitizenship
11-12-2010The Most Important Political Choice Christians Will MakeMichael J. GersonSuffering
11-05-2010What are your hopes for the next Congress, given the outcome of this week's elections?Carl Zylstra, Michael O'Brien, Brett Swearingen, Melissa Silversmidterm election 2010
11-05-2010Needed: a Robust Vision, a Civil ConversationGideon StraussCitizenship
11-05-2010Addressing the Role of Government in Response to the Rise of the Tea Party MovementWilliam Edgar, Hilary SherrattTea Party
11-05-2010Teapot Tempest Temporary?David T. KoyzisTea Party
10-29-2010Symposium: "Which American city offers the healthiest climate for the flourishing of evangelical public intellectuals?" (2)Drew Henderson, Josh GoodEvangelical Public Intellectuals
10-29-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (3)Gideon StraussSpirituality of political practice
10-29-2010GovernmentJames W. Skillenlegislative
10-29-2010Tea Party IdeologyMichael GersonTea Party
10-22-2010The Tea Party and Christian Conservatism: A Marriage Made in Heaven?Michelle KirtleyTea Party
10-22-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (2)Gideon StraussSpirituality of political practice
10-22-2010Constituting a Political CommunityJames W. Skillenpolitical community
10-22-2010Making Tough DecisionsDavid T. Koyzispublic health
10-15-2010Symposium: "Which American city offers the healthiest climate for the flourishing of evangelical public intellectuals?"Michael Hickerson, Matthew Kaemingk, Jonathan D. FitzgeraldEvangelical Public Intellectuals
10-15-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (1)Gideon StraussSpiritual Practices
10-15-2010Connecting Principles and PracticeGideon StraussPublic Justice Principles
10-15-2010Fighting Disease in the Developing WorldMichael J. GersonTB
10-08-2010A Vision Anchored in HopeKristen Deede JohnsonPluralism
10-01-2010On Dreams of Justice and Cups of Cool WaterPaul BrinkPluralism
09-24-2010Radical Responsibility for the Presence of JusticeJoel HunterPluralism
09-17-2010Pluralism in the pluralDavid Koyzisvoting
09-10-2010The Problem With PluralismAshley WoodiwissPluralism
09-03-2010Making room for differencesGideon StraussPluralism
08-27-2010Becoming an AmericanGideon StraussCitizenship
08-20-2010Love and Justice in PoliticsGideon StraussPolitics/Government
08-13-2010Loving our Enemies to Death?Marc LiVeccheJust War
08-06-2010Habits of the heart—individual AND institutionalDavid NaugleCultural Change
07-30-2010The Odious Necessity in a Nuclear AgeMarc LiVeccheNuclear Security
07-23-2010U.S. Nuclear Strategy: Old Wine, New Bottles?Steven E. MeyerNuclear Security
07-16-2010The Art of DeterrenceBrian AutenDeterrence
07-09-2010A New Paradigm for Nuclear SecruityTyler Wigg-StevensonNuclear Security
07-02-2010An editorial statement of directionGideon StraussCapital Commentary
06-25-2010The statecraft of the UK coalition governmentJonathan ChaplinBritish Election 2010
06-18-2010Catholic social teaching and immigrationCatherine WilsonImmigration
06-11-2010The real dissent of the little magazinesAlissa WilkinsonLittle Magazines
06-04-2010South Africa at 100Johannes WesselsSouth Africa
05-28-2010Tough choices about health care costs will not go awayMichelle KirtleyHealth Care
05-21-2010Faith-Based Policy: Will the Center Hold?Stanley Carlson-ThiesThe Faith-Based Initiative
05-14-2010Bipartisanship 101, UK StyleJonathan Chaplinproportional representation
05-07-2010My call to institution-building . . . and oursGideon StraussCaritas in Veritate
04-23-2010Caritas in Veritate—Early ResponsesGideon StraussCaritas in Veritate
04-09-2010Church and State Working Together for OrphansMarc AndreasOrphans
03-26-2010Choosing a Boss on Capitol HillKate HarrisMentor
03-12-2010Health Care Choices and the Common GoodMichelle KirtleyHealth Care
02-26-2010Religion in the ClassroomRuth MelkonianReligion/Secularization
02-12-2010Obama the KingDavid KoyzisGovernment
01-29-2010State of the UnionTim SherrattPolitics/Government
01-15-2010Investing in Fatherhood and Family-Strengthening Pays OffJosh GoodMarriage/Family
01-15-2010Investing in Fatherhood and Family-Strengthening Pays OffJosh GoodMarriage/Family
01-01-2010Continuity and Discontinuity in the New YearJames SkillenNew Year's Challenges
01-01-2010Investing in Fatherhood and Family-Strengthening Pays OffJosh GoodMarriage/Family
12-18-2009A Reflection on Advent Politics and PersecutionDennis R. HooverAdvent
12-04-2009The (Unfinished) Manhattan DeclarationPaul BrinkManhattan Declaration
11-20-2009Dealing With Iran's Nuclear ProgramSteven E. MeyerForeign Policy
11-06-2009What's Happened to Real Politics?Tim SherrattChristian Political Thought
10-23-2009The Impractical Pragmatism of Healthcare ReformJames SkillenHealth Care
10-09-2009A Woman's Place—in GovernmentRuth MelkonianGender
09-25-2009Vick and a Second ChanceDean TrulearCriminal Justice
09-11-2009The Fallacy of Nation BuildingSteven E. MeyerForeign Policy