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11-24-2014Transformative Justice in FergusonMikael Pelzracial discrimination
08-25-2014Gentrification and Urban Transformation: A Local Developer’s PerspectiveMikael PelzWealthy Street
08-11-2014The Local Church: Mosaic and the Renewal of Little Rock 72204Mikael Pelzcommunity development
07-28-2014Artists Unite: Gentrification and the Village of West GreenvilleMikael PelzVillage of West Greenville
07-14-2014Gentrification: Building Diverse Communities?Mikael Pelzdislocation
03-11-2011A Call for Intergenerational Justice: A DialogueMiriam Adeney, Jordan J. Ballor, Shirley A. Mullenintergenerational justice
12-16-2002O Broken Town of BethlehemMitri RahebMiddle East
03-23-2012What Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Can Teach About School ChoiceNapp Nazwortheducation funding
10-21-2011Is Our Government Broken?Napp NazworthElectoral Reform
07-08-2011Principled PragmatismNapp Nazzworthpolitics
11-09-2015Auto Title Lending: Plundering and Devouring the Poor?Nate Friersonpredatory lending
09-29-2014Why are We Prosecuting Sex Trafficking Victims?Nate Friersoncriminal justice system
07-29-2011On the National Debt: A Voice from Future GenerationsNathan Thompsonintergenerational justice
06-01-2012American Exceptionalism—In God’s EyesNeil JasperseAmerican exceptionalism
02-04-2011No Child Left Behind and Education ReformNicole Baker Fulgham, David Larseneducation reform
06-22-2015Public Justice & The Pope's Environmental EncyclicalNoah Tolyenvironment
08-08-2005The Stem Cell DebateAUTHORBioethics
04-18-2005The Charity Sector Isn't Full of Enrons!AUTHORNon-Profit Organizations
04-04-2005Fear and Faith FactorsAUTHORPluralism
03-21-2005The Democracy DilemmaAUTHORForeign Policy
03-07-2005The Faith-based Initiative—Round TwoAUTHORCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
09-20-2004Terrorism is Not the EnemyAUTHORTerrorism
09-06-2004Bush's Deeds, Kerry's WordsAUTHORElection 2004
06-02-2003Korea: South and NorthAUTHORKorea
07-02-2001The Grand Folly of Missile DefenseAUTHORnuclear weapons
09-25-2000O Give Me a Plain, Where the Caribou Roam...AUTHOREnergy/Environment
07-17-2000One Step Forward...AUTHORreligious freedom
07-03-2000Public Schools, Prayer and Creatures of the StateAUTHOREducation
02-28-2000All-out WarAUTHORoccupational health
01-31-2000Vermont, Public Justice, and MarriageAUTHORMarriage/Family
12-06-1999Civic Education's Crisis—and OpportunityAUTHOREducation
10-25-1999Is the Death Penalty Still Viable?AUTHORcapital punishment
12-21-1998Hungarian RhapsodyAUTHOREducation
05-25-1998The Carcass of Dead PoliticsAUTHORForeign Policy
03-02-1998Public Justice and the Mommy WarsAUTHORMarriage/Family
10-27-1997The Public Face of Private NonProfitsAUTHORnonprofit organizations
10-13-1997The Promise of Promise KeepersAUTHORMarriage/Family
09-15-1997Teresa and DianaAUTHORMother Teresa
02-03-1997What Do We Know About Schooling Language-Minority Children?AUTHOREducation
09-29-2006Religious Freedom and the Ninth AmendmentAUTHORReligious Liberty
12-09-1996The Pope and the DictatorAUTHORForeign Policy
09-15-2006Don't Extinguish a Bright Hope for Drug Addicts!AUTHORCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
02-06-2006The State of the Faith-Based InitiativeAUTHOREqual treatment for religious organizations
06-08-2012From Principle to Policy: Navigating the Moral Terrain of Immigration ReformPaul Brinkimmigration reform
03-02-2012Moral Principles & Moral CouragePaul Brinkfederal budget deficit
10-01-2010On Dreams of Justice and Cups of Cool WaterPaul BrinkPluralism
03-15-2013Conservative Soul-Searching: The Time is NowPaul Brinkrole of government
11-18-2011Political Theory Behind the WheelPaul Brinkpolitical philosophy
12-04-2009The (Unfinished) Manhattan DeclarationPaul BrinkManhattan Declaration
05-22-2009Two Cheers for DemocracyPaul BrinkDemocracy
07-04-2008Jesus Is Lord!Paul BrinkCitizenship
04-25-2008More Political Morality, Please!Paul BrinkElection 2008
11-02-2012How Should We Vote?Paul Brink2012 Presidential Election
09-14-2012Rights, Regulation and Human DignityPaul BrinkGun Control
08-24-2012Same-Sex Marriage and the Political TaskPaul Brinksame-sex marriage
01-19-2015Military Humanitarian Intervention and International JusticePaul EdgarOperation United Assistance
12-02-2011Political Commitments and Doing JusticePaul Ottotwo-party system
10-18-2013Christians in the Middle East: More than Leaseholders?Paul Rowereligious persecution
10-19-2015Everything I Know About Syria I Learned from The Hunger GamesPaul S. RoweSyria
04-04-2016Religious Freedom: One Notion Under God, IndivisiblePaul S. Rowereligious freedom
07-26-2013An Egyptian Revolution? Yes… but Shwaya ShwayaPaul S. RoweEgyptian military
10-20-2014ISIL and the International SystemPaul S. Rowereligious war
05-17-2013Tough Political Choices in Syria: Recognizing the Stakes of InactionPaul S. RoweArab Spring
05-16-2014A Sober Survey of the Middle East in 2014Paul S. RoweMiddle East
11-23-2012Could the Syrian Civil War Spread?Paul S. RoweU.S. foreign policy
07-08-2011U.S. Policy in SyriaPaul S. Rowemiddle east policy
01-10-2014John Kerry and Middle East Peace: Negotiating a Hard BargainPaul S. RoweMiddle East peace process
02-18-2011The Prospects for EgyptPaul S. Rowe, Jim Payton, Robert JoustraEgypt
07-12-2013President Obama’s Perspective on Government, Market, and ClimatePerry Recker Environment
02-03-2012Grass-roots lobbying as Responsible Citizen EngagementPerry Recker climate change
01-13-2012Reducing Carbon Emissions through Tax and RebatePerry Recker climate change
02-08-2013A Fitful and Timely Compromise?Perry Recker Obama administration
01-28-2011"What should the role of the U.S. federal government be, internationally, with regard to justice for the poor?"Peter Greer, Paul Chaplininternational poverty
10-06-2014Why Justice Requires Educational DiversityPeter Mitchelleducational opportunity
05-03-2013Empowering Women in Post-Revolution EgyptRaafat LatifEgypt
09-26-2016Honoring Our Calling to Work and Family in Public PolicyRachel Andersonpaid family leave
06-06-2016Predatory Lending and Fixing the Small Loan Market Rachel Anderson and Katie Thompsonpredatory lending
07-22-2011The Justice of Responsible LendingRachel Hope Andersonhousehold debt
08-24-2012Moving Juvenile Justice Towards Restorative JusticeRachel Livingstonrestorative justice
05-20-2011Are Christian School Graduates World-Changers?Ray Penningsreligious education
04-01-2011The Civility MandateRichard J. Mouwcivility
02-10-2012A Sacrifice of Innocents: There is no Just Case for Syrian Intervention – YetRob JoustraSyria
06-15-2015The International Institutionalism We Need NowRobert J. JoustraWorld Bank
11-01-2013The Tenth ManRobert J. JoustraIsrael
08-10-2015John Calvin and the CaliphateRobert J. JoustraIslam
10-04-2013Lumen Fidei and the Politics of TrustRobert J. Joustrarelational diplomacy
12-14-2015Does the Church Have a Social Responsibility?Robert J. Joustrainstitutions
09-06-2013When Power Goes to Your HeadRobert J. JoustraAndy Crouch
12-15-2014Can a Nuclear State be a Just State?Robert J. Joustrapublic justice
02-15-2016The Isaiah Wall and the World: Peacekeeping in a World Without Peace to KeepRobert J. Joustrapeacekeeping
08-02-2013The Porn Wall and Christian Politics in the Digital WorldRobert J. JoustraDerek Schuurman
10-31-2016Still in Demand: Why the World Needs AmericaRobert J. Joustrainternational relations
07-28-2014The Eurasian Dream and MH17Robert J. JoustraMH17
07-07-2014The Unbearable Lightness of the Responsibility to ProtectRobert J. Joustra Just War
06-02-2014Religion: The Missing Dimension of StatecraftRobert J. JoustraVictor Boutros
05-23-2014A Curmudgeon’s Guide to The Curmudgeon’s GuideRobert J. JoustraAmerican Enterprise Institute
05-02-2014A Eulogy for the Quebec Charter of ValuesRobert J. Joustrareligious freedom
03-28-2014The Power of Restraint in UkraineRobert J. JoustraUkraine
03-07-2014Robocop Recycled: Tired Heroes, Exhausted JusticeRobert J. Joustraentertainment industry
02-07-2014The Religious Freedom WarsRobert J. JoustraDaniel Philpott