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11-16-2015Politics in the Trenches: Local Advocacy for Immigration Reform in IowaBy Harold Heieimmigration reform
09-16-2011Politics to the Rescue?Timothy Sherratteconomic policy
04-15-2011Politics: A Christian DutyMichael J. Gersonpolitics
04-08-2011Politics: A Christian DutyMichael J. Gersonpolitics
08-10-2012Politics: The Prudential Balance of Individual Rights and the Common GoodMichael J. GersonGun Control
12-23-2011Poll Taxes in a Post-racial Era: Voter Identification LawsLarycia Hawkinsvoter ID laws
11-23-1998PollutionJames SkillenPolitics/Government
04-19-2013Pope Francis, the Culture of Life, and the Care of CreationRusty PritchardPope John Paul II
11-09-2012Post-Election Cooperation: The Opportunity of a Fresh StartMichael J. Gersoncivility
02-09-2004Postponing the Kerry CoronationWilliam HarperElection 2004
08-30-2013Poverty Alleviation, Social Innovation, and the Nonprofit SectorCatherine E. Wilsonpoverty alleviation
06-01-2012Power and Justice To Change the World?Timothy SherrattChristians in Political Science
07-28-2014Pragmatic ConservationRusty PritchardDominican Republic
04-11-2014Precedent over Prudence: McCutcheon and the Scandal of Campaign Finance JurisprudenceBradford Littlejohncampaign finance reform
06-06-2016Predatory Lending and Fixing the Small Loan Market Rachel Anderson and Katie Thompsonpredatory lending
10-06-2014Preserving Pluralism in University Student OrganizationsChelsea LangstonUniversity of Michigan
02-03-2012Preserving Religious Freedom: An Interview with Stephen MonsmaMichelle Crotwell Kirtleyfaith-based organizations
07-12-2013President Obama’s Perspective on Government, Market, and ClimatePerry Recker Environment
12-07-2015Presidential Debates: What are They Good For?Mikael Pelzpresidential debates
02-15-2008Presidential Primary ParadoxesTim SherrattElection 2008
09-08-2014Priests and Prophets in FergusonHarold Dean Trulearracism
04-18-2016Primary TimeCarol Veldman Rudiepresidential campaigns
03-09-2012Primary Virtues, Campaign VicesTimothy Sherratt2012 Presidential Election
07-06-2012Principle & PracticeCatherine E. Wilsonchildren of undocumented residents
07-21-2014Principled PersonhoodChelsea Langstonreligious freedom
07-08-2011Principled PragmatismNapp Nazzworthpolitics
10-12-2012Principles for Health Care Policy: A Guide for VotersLeah AndersonPresident Barack Obama
05-25-2012Prison Ministry in the Post-Colson EraHarold Dean TrulearChuck Colson
04-13-2007Prisoner ReentryDean TrulearCriminal Justice
05-11-1998Private Affair or Public Business?Jerry Herbertexecutive privilege
02-01-2008Pro-Life Rally—35 YearsBrenda Kay ZylstraAbortion
11-22-1999Progress (of all kinds) Through Economic Growth?James SkillenWorld Trade Organization
03-06-2006Prophetic Politics Goes to Washington?Timothy SherrattPolitics/Government
04-20-2012Prosecutorial Discretion on Illegal Immigration: Prudent or Punting? Ruth Melkonian-Hooverdeportation
05-16-2016Protecting Life and the Diversity of Medicaid ProvidersChelsea LangstonPlanned Parenthood
10-14-2011Protest and Fulfillment of the Democratic BargainTimothy Sherratteconomic crisis
12-08-2014Protest PsalmsGreg Ayersthe Reformation
11-19-2001Prudence on National Missile DefenseLynn RobinsonNational Missile Defense
11-08-2013Prudence: The Forgotten Conservative VirtueBrad LittlejohnACA
09-09-2011Prudential Politics: A Positive Role for GovernmentMichael J. Gersonpolitics
06-22-2015Public Justice & The Pope's Environmental EncyclicalNoah Tolyenvironment
09-22-2014Public Justice and Education in Indian CountryBen GibsonEducation
10-20-2014Public Justice and Education in Indian Country (2)Ben GibsonNative American reservations
11-24-2014Public Justice and Education in Indian Country (3)Ben GibsonNative American education
07-15-2011Public Justice and the Debt CeilingGeorge N. Monsma, Jr.national debt
03-02-1998Public Justice and the Mommy WarsAUTHORMarriage/Family
06-09-2014Public Justice and the Security GapTimothy SherrattVictor Boutros
09-02-2011Public Justice and True ToleranceJames W. Skillenfaith and politics
07-03-2000Public Schools, Prayer and Creatures of the StateAUTHOREducation
04-11-2016Public Service: Call and ResponseStephanie Summerspublic service
06-02-2014Pubs and Coffeehouses: A Drinker’s Defense of DemocracyMatthew Kaemingkcivic discourse
10-06-2014Pulpit Freedom, Good News, and Public JusticeTimothy SherrattHugh Heclo
07-04-2016Putting America’s “Greatness” Into PerspectiveWilliam EdgarAmerican exceptionalism
07-01-2011Putting Parents First in EducationJennifer A. Marshalleducational choice
11-09-2012Questions on Christians and PoliticsStephanie Summerspolitical community
01-26-2015Race and Adoption in AmericaJedd Medefindrace
01-01-2001Race and Politics: A New Year's ChallengeKeith PavlischekRace Relations
07-26-2013Race and the Image of GodHarold Dean TrulearTrayvon Martin
06-23-1997Racial JusticeJames Skillenproportional representation
09-24-2010Radical Responsibility for the Presence of JusticeJoel HunterPluralism
08-05-2011Rahm Emanuel's ChoiceDave LarsenRahm Emanuel
03-16-2015Rationing Pharmaceuticals in Medicaid: Putting a Price on Human Life?Michelle Crotwell Kirtleystewardship
05-20-2002Re-Igniting the Faith-Based InitiativeStephen LazarusCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
05-16-2014Reaching the Mentally Ill MillionsMelissa SteffanWorld Health Organization
11-19-2010Reactions to the Political Implications of Gabe Lyons' new book: The Next ChristiansJuanita Irizarry, Mickael S. Chenpolitics
11-12-2010Reactions to the Political Implications of the Book, The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian AmericaXavier Pickett, Nate BarksdaleEvangelicals
06-28-2004Reagan—Bush 2004?William HarperElection 2004
07-06-2015Reasons to Hope #Lovewins for Religious Organizations and Individuals As WellChelsea Langstonreligious freedom
03-22-2004Rebalancing NATODavid KoyzisNATO
05-10-2013Reconciliatory ActivismAaron Tolkamppolitical reconciliation
04-15-2011Recovering a Gospel-Centered Approach to PoliticsJack Porterpolitics
01-13-2012Reducing Carbon Emissions through Tax and RebatePerry Recker climate change
12-14-2012Reflections on Justice from Hurricane SandyJoanna Stephens justice
08-24-2012Reflections on the Institution of MarriageAmy E. Black sphere sovereignty
08-26-2011Reflections on the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.Vincent Bacote, Jonathan D. Fitzgerald, Xavier PickettMartin Luther King
02-29-2016Reforming Crime and Punishment Policies the Right WayJennifer E. Walshcriminal justice reform
11-11-2011Reforming Federal Election LawsTimothy Sherrattvoter registration laws
06-08-2012Reforming Public Pensions for the Common GoodMichael J. GersonWisconsin recall election
11-17-2003Regress, not Progress, in GeorgiaStephen LazarusReligious Liberty
12-29-2003Religion and Politics Beyond the Party LinesJames SkillenReligion/Secularization
04-04-2014Religion and Security in the Heart of AsiaCory BenderSoviet Union
05-11-2012Religion in Public Life--and in Election CampaignsStephen Monsma separation of church and state
02-26-2010Religion in the ClassroomRuth MelkonianReligion/Secularization
10-19-2012Religion, Abortion and the Role of GovernmentTimothy Sherrattrole of government
06-02-2014Religion: The Missing Dimension of StatecraftRobert J. JoustraVictor Boutros
09-29-2006Religious Freedom and the Ninth AmendmentAUTHORReligious Liberty
05-25-2012Religious Freedom and the Social Usefulness of Chinese ChristianityKevin R. den Dulkreligious freedom
08-03-2012Religious Freedom for MuslimsChelsea LangstonIslam
11-02-2012Religious Freedom in the 2012 Presidential ElectionStanley Carlson-Thies2012 Presidential Election
01-18-2013Religious Freedom in the Next Phase of Health Care ReformClarke E. Cochranreligious freedom
12-06-2013Religious Freedom vs. Civil RightsStanley Carlson-Thiesreligious freedom
09-19-2016Religious Freedom: An Invitation to Wash Some Feet This Election Season Chelsea Langston Bombinoreligious freedom
02-23-2015Religious Freedom: Cause of Discrimination or Foundation for Diversity?Stanley Carlson-ThiesWilliam Galston
04-04-2016Religious Freedom: One Notion Under God, IndivisiblePaul S. Rowereligious freedom
03-16-2012Religious Liberty and a Rhetoric of ReconciliationJack Newmancivility
08-03-1998Religious Liberty and the Zealot StateStephen LazarusReligious Liberty
02-08-2013Religious Liberty, Majority Rule and the Contraception MandateTimothy Sherratt Affordable Care Act
10-17-2005Religious Staffing-2, Opponents-0James SkillenReligious Liberty
10-18-2004Religiously Political ConservatismJames SkillenChristian Worldview
08-18-1997Remembering Hiroshima and NagasakiRoy ClouserForeign Policy