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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
12-21-2012Obama’s Journey from OsloJohn D. CarlsonReinhold Niebuhr
03-29-2013Of Dreams and Renaissance: China’s New GovernmentJames Chenreligious freedom
01-20-1997Of Oaths and OfficesJames SkillenPolitics/Government
09-16-2011Of Poverty and Civil SocietyJosh Goodmarriage
06-21-1999Off and Running for President: Good News and BadJames SkillenElection 2000
10-01-2010On Dreams of Justice and Cups of Cool WaterPaul BrinkPluralism
01-19-2015On King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”Stephanie Summersvoluntary associations
09-09-2011On Taking Public Life SeriouslyStephanie A. Summerspublic justice
05-02-2014On the GroundCatherine E. Wilsonadvocacy
07-29-2011On the National Debt: A Voice from Future GenerationsNathan Thompsonintergenerational justice
03-04-2011On Wisconsin: Budget Battles and Adversarial PoliticsDavid T. Koyzisproportional representation
04-12-2013One Giant Leap for School ChoiceDave Larsenvouchers
08-25-2014One Hundred Years Later: The Psalms and the First World WarDavid KoyzisWorld War I
04-22-2011One of the Most Important Jobs in the World: Being a FatherBen O'DellObama
07-17-2000One Step Forward...AUTHORreligious freedom
09-30-2011Organizing for a Third WayMichelle Crotwell Kirtleynational third party
05-06-2011Osama bin Laden: Criminal or Enemy Combatant?Michael J. GersonOsama bin Laden
08-18-2014Other Cheek Diplomacy?William EdgarBertrand Russell
07-20-2007Our Destructive Delusion About IraqJames SkillenIraq War
11-22-2013Our Faulty Health Care AnchorsClarke E. CochranHealth Care
03-08-2004Our Last Pre-emptive War?Steven MeyerForeign Policy
08-26-2011Our New Poet Laureate: Philip LevineAaron Belzpoet laureate
09-27-2013Our System is Designed for CompromiseMichael J. Gersondebt ceiling
01-07-2011Our Times Are in Your Hand - an Epiphany PrayerGideon Straussepiphany
08-17-1998Out of FocusJames SkillenPolitics/Government
06-01-2015Overcoming Poverty: Beginning with the EndStephanie Summerspublic policy
01-17-2000Parents RightsJames SkillenMarriage/Family
11-01-2004Partisan Religion?James SkillenElection 2004
07-17-2009Party Leadership and the Fate of HealthcareTimothy SherrattLeadership
07-16-2001Party Loyalty: Why Expect It?William Zimmermanproportional representation
02-14-2000Party-ing in the MiddleChristen Yatespresidential campaigns
04-21-2003Pass CARE, Just Don't Stop There!James SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
08-12-2011Patenting of Human OrganismsJohn B. MacIntyreWeldon amendment
12-07-1998Paternal Responsibilities And Abortion LogicKeith PavlischekAbortion
11-24-2014Patriotism, Personal Ambition, and “Foxcatcher”Josh Larsenpatriotism
03-23-2012Paul Ryan’s FY2013 Budget & Intergenerational JusticeMichelle Crotwell KirtleyPaul Ryan
12-07-2012Peering into the Bird’s Nest of Public Service UnionsBrian Dijkemapublic sector unions
05-18-2012Pity the School: Vanderbilt and the Cultivation of the Indifferent PluralistBryan T. McGrawreligious freedom
04-26-2013Playing Kim’s Game?Steven Meyernuclear attack
10-11-2013Pluralism and Challenges in EmploymentJulia K. StronksAzusa Pacific University
04-27-2012Pluralism in Structure, Pluralism in BonesMatthew Kaemingkprinciple pluralism
09-17-2010Pluralism in the pluralDavid Koyzisvoting
09-15-2014Pluralism, Education Policy, and the Reality of Unintended ConsequencesKevin R. den Dulkprincipled pluralism
01-14-2011Poetry and PowerAaron BelzRobert Frost
08-10-2012Poetry As FlakAaron BelzMichael Collier
04-11-2014Poetry, Protest, and PropagandaMicah Mattixanti-war poetry
08-04-2014Polarization, Representation and DiversityTimothy Sherrattpolarization
12-02-2011Political Commitments and Doing JusticePaul Ottotwo-party system
06-13-2016Political Discipleship?Vincent E. Bacotepolitical discipleship
12-09-2011Political Power and Divine Weakness: An Advent Reflection Timothy Sherrattfaith and politics
02-03-2012Political Speech and Action: The Religion and Society Debate James W. Skillenreligious freedom
04-29-2011Political Symbolism and Elevated Political DiscourseTimothy Sherrattbudget
11-18-2011Political Theory Behind the WheelPaul Brinkpolitical philosophy
01-02-2009Politically Correct PrayerRuth MelkonianPublic Moral Discourse
11-19-2010Politically Discerning CompassionDavid T. KoyzisSuffering
08-03-2012Politics & ProseBy Byron Borgerpolitical history
07-27-2012Politics & ProseByron BorgerOs Guinness
06-29-2012Politics & ProseByron BorgerRandy S. Woodley
06-01-2012Politics & ProseByron BorgerRay Blunt
08-16-2013Politics & ProseByron BorgerRon Sider
08-09-2013Politics & ProseByron Borger polarization
08-09-2013Politics & ProseByron BorgerChristian Democratic movement
05-04-2012Politics & ProseByron BorgerMichelle Alexander
03-02-2012Politics & ProseByron Borgerreligious freedom
03-15-2013Politics & ProseByron Borgerreligious freedom
02-15-2013Politics & ProseByron Borger Tyler Wigg-Stevenson
01-18-2013Politics & ProseByron BorgerTaylor Branch
12-14-2012Politics & ProseByron BorgerAbraham Lincoln
11-23-2012Politics & ProseByron Borger polarization
11-02-2012Politics & ProseByron BorgerJacques Berlinerblau
10-05-2012Politics & ProseByron Borgerfaith and politics
08-31-2012Politics & ProseByron Borgerpoverty
10-18-2013Politics and ProseByron BorgerTanner Colby
09-20-2013Politics and ProseByron Borgerreligious freedom
08-30-2013Politics and ProseByron BorgerSamuel Logan
08-16-2013Politics and ProseByron Borger The American Bible: How Our Words Unite
07-19-2013Politics and ProseByron Borger Al Tizon
03-30-2012Politics and ProseByron BorgerRon Sider
06-21-2013Politics and ProseByron BorgerThe Just Church
05-17-2013Politics and ProseByron Borgerand Define a Nation
08-18-2014Politics and ProseByron BorgerNeo-Calvinism
01-27-2012Politics and ProseByron BorgerWendell Berry
04-19-2013Politics and ProseByron BorgerChristian Democratic movement
07-21-2014Politics and ProseByron BorgerDordt College
12-09-2011Politics and ProseByron Borgerbooks
06-16-2014Politics and ProseByron BorgerChristian Political Witness
11-11-2011Politics and ProseByron Borgerbook reviews
05-16-2014Politics and ProseByron BorgerRobert Ames
10-14-2011Politics and ProseByron Borgerlaw
04-18-2014Politics and ProseByron BorgerWe Answer to Another
09-09-2011Politics and ProseByron Borgerbook reviews
03-21-2014Politics and ProseByron Borgerstatecraft
02-21-2014Politics and ProseBryon Borgerthe Alternative Political Conversations project
08-05-2011Politics and ProseByron Borgerbook reviews
01-17-2014Politics and ProseByron BorgerGary Haugen
07-01-2011Politics and ProseBryon Borgerbook reviews
12-20-2013Politics and ProseByron BorgerSummit on Christian Moral Responsibility
05-20-2011Politics and ProseByron Borgerbook review
11-15-2013Politics and ProseByron Borgerworld Christianity
04-29-2011Politics in ContextGideon StraussCitizenship