Capital Commentary is the weekly current-affairs publication of CPJ, written to encourage the pursuit of public justice.

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01-27-2012Politics and ProseByron BorgerWendell Berry
01-27-2012Bringing Justice and Compassion to Central AfricaMichael J. GersonForeign Policy
01-20-2012Foreign Policy on the EdgeSteven E. MeyerForeign Policy
01-20-2012A Big Victory for Religious Freedom—But How Wide?Stanley Carlson-Thiesreligious freedom
01-20-2012Alternative Political ConversationHarold
01-20-2012Interpreting War’s AtrocitiesMichelle Crotwell KirtleyJust War
01-13-2012The Ethical Pitfalls of Egg DonationElaine PettyIVF
01-13-2012Reducing Carbon Emissions through Tax and RebatePerry Recker climate change
01-13-2012Contemporary Poetry: A Renewed Medium for Social Consciousness?Brett Fostercontemporary poetry
01-13-2012May New Delegate Rules Shape the Soul of the G.O.P.?Timothy SherrattRepublican primary
01-06-2012Smart Power or Wise Power?Charles StrohmerForeign Policy
01-06-2012American Exceptionalism and Religious FreedomDennis Hooverreligious freedom
01-06-2012Freedom of Religion, Freedom of ConscienceJames W. Skillenreligious freedom
01-06-2012Rick Santorum’s Anti-Individualistic Brand of ConservatismMichael J. GersonRick Santorum
12-23-2011Poll Taxes in a Post-racial Era: Voter Identification LawsLarycia Hawkinsvoter ID laws
12-23-2011Asking About a Candidate’s ReligionBryan T. McGrawcampaign
12-23-2011The Contraception Mandate Violates Religious FreedomChelsea Langstoncontraceptive mandate
12-23-2011Bipartisan Medicare Reform and Advent HopeMichelle Crotwell Kirtleynational debt
12-16-2011Christ and CultureCristina MartinezPrinceton University
12-16-2011The Troubling Decline of Evangelical Social EngagementMichael J. GersonEvangelicals
12-16-2011Government and the Responsible SocietyJames W. Skillenrole of government
12-16-2011Contemporary Poetry: What It’s Typically Good At, and How That’s ChangingBrett FosterPhilip Levine
12-09-2011The Promise of Partnership: How Collaboration Could Change the Foster Care SystemDominique Penn Furukawafoster care
12-09-2011Liberalism, Democracy, and Sphere SovereigntyClay Cookepolarization
12-09-2011Politics and ProseByron Borgerbooks
12-09-2011Political Power and Divine Weakness: An Advent Reflection Timothy Sherrattfaith and politics
12-02-2011Political Commitments and Doing JusticePaul Ottotwo-party system
12-02-2011The Future of Kuyperian AnswersWilliam EdgarKuyper
12-02-2011Justice and the Privilege of GraceJeremy Chenjustice
12-02-2011Whatever Happened to the Stem Cell Debate?Michelle Crotwell Kirtleyscience policy
11-18-2011The Injustice of Alabama's Immigration LawJenny Yangimmigration reform
11-18-2011Political Theory Behind the WheelPaul Brinkpolitical philosophy
11-18-2011Contemporary Poetry: Social Conscience? Not So MuchBrett Fostercontemporary poetry
11-18-2011An Attack on Faith-Based Service ProvidersMichael J. Gersonreligious freedom
11-11-2011Justice, Deficits, and TaxesDavid P. Gusheedeficit reduction
11-11-2011Politics and ProseByron Borgerbook reviews
11-11-2011Reforming Federal Election LawsTimothy Sherrattvoter registration laws
11-11-2011The Justice of Economic MobilityMichael J. Gersonpoverty
11-04-2011Corporations, Personhood and the Common GoodJess O. Hale, Jr.economic justice
11-04-2011Government and RepresentationJames W. Skillenrole of government
11-04-2011Uncommon Contributor to the Common Good: The Legacy of Mark Hatfield, 1922-2011Stanley Carlson-ThiesSenator Mark Hatfield
11-04-2011The Flawed Technological Approach to Electoral Reform of Americans ElectJason E. Summerstechnology
10-28-2011The Justice of Covering Immigrant Children in SCHIPEmilie WolfSCHIP
10-28-2011Can We Talk Rationally about Educational Freedom?Charles L. Glenn, choice
10-28-2011Tax Reform and CompromiseTed Williams IIItax reform
10-28-2011Turkey, the Arab Spring, and Islamic DemocracyMichelle Crotwell Kirtleyreligious pluralism
10-21-2011Is Our Government Broken?Napp NazworthElectoral Reform
10-21-2011Considering a LegacyVincent BacoteAbraham Kuyper
10-21-2011Civic Responsibility in Southern CaliforniaMichelle Crotwell KirtleySouthern California
10-21-2011USA, Inc.Michael J. Gersonintergenerational justice
10-14-2011Tranströmer's PoliticsJohn WilsonTranströmer
10-14-2011#Occupy and the Longing for Public JusticeStephanie A. SummersCitizenship
10-14-2011Politics and ProseByron Borgerlaw
10-14-2011Protest and Fulfillment of the Democratic BargainTimothy Sherratteconomic crisis
10-07-2011The Question of AuthorityJames W. Skillenpolitical authority
10-07-2011Afghanistan: The End of the Line?Steven E. MeyerIraq
10-07-2011Upstream (Part Two)Gideon Straussslow politics
10-07-2011"Ministerial Employees" and Sphere SovereigntyStanley Carlson-Thiessphere sovereignty
09-30-2011Innovation, Intellectual Property, and the ConstitutionJason E. Summerspatent reform
09-30-2011When Religious Freedom and Gay Rights ClashStephen V. Monsmareligious freedom
09-30-2011Just Health Care ReformClarke E. CochranMedicare
09-30-2011Organizing for a Third WayMichelle Crotwell Kirtleynational third party
09-23-2011A Super-Sized Wish ListAmy Blacksuper committee
09-23-2011Upstream, Part OneGideon Straussslow politics
09-23-2011Auden and Dylan, Poets of Justice and the BluesAaron BelzBob Dylan
09-23-2011Justice as OpportunityMichael J. Gersoneconomic justice
09-16-2011Cardus Education Survey: Christian Schools and Cultural EngagementDave LarsenCardus
09-16-2011What We Now Know (Again) Ten Years after September 11John D. Carlsonreligion and public life
09-16-2011Of Poverty and Civil SocietyJosh Goodmarriage
09-16-2011Politics to the Rescue?Timothy Sherratteconomic policy
09-09-2011A World Free From Nuclear WeaponsHerman Keizer, Jr.nuclear nonproliferation
09-09-2011On Taking Public Life SeriouslyStephanie A. Summerspublic justice
09-09-2011Politics and ProseByron Borgerbook reviews
09-09-2011Prudential Politics: A Positive Role for GovernmentMichael J. Gersonpolitics
09-02-2011Accountable Care Organizations, Justice and Pluralism in Health Care DeliveryJess O. Hale, care reform
09-02-2011Why Freedom of Religion?Stanley Carlson-Thiesreligious freedom
09-02-2011Public Justice and True ToleranceJames W. Skillenfaith and politics
09-02-2011Fetal Genetic Tests Facilitate Sex-Selective AbortionMichelle Crotwell Kirtleywomen
08-26-2011Immigration Reform Is for Our NeighborsHarold Heielocal politics
08-26-2011Accessing the Justice We PursueJulia K. Stronkslegal access
08-26-2011Our New Poet Laureate: Philip LevineAaron Belzpoet laureate
08-26-2011Reflections on the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.Vincent Bacote, Jonathan D. Fitzgerald, Xavier PickettMartin Luther King
08-19-2011Which Religious Employers' Rights Will Be Respected?Stanley Carlson-Thiesreligious freedom
08-19-2011A Christian Response to TerrorismBrenda Kay ZylstraTerrorism
08-19-2011Military Research Funding in an Era of AusterityJason E. Summersscience funding
08-19-2011A Crisis of Civility and RepresentationTimothy Sherrattconstitution
08-12-2011Patenting of Human OrganismsJohn B. MacIntyreWeldon amendment
08-12-2011Individual Prosperity or Social Justice?Harold Dean Trulearsocial justice
08-12-2011Kindness and the Gay Marriage DebateJustin McRobertsgay marriage
08-12-2011In Memoriam: Christ's Call to ServiceSenator Mark O. Hatfieldfaith & politics
08-05-2011Rahm Emanuel's ChoiceDave LarsenRahm Emanuel
08-05-2011No New Taxes, War, and the Debt Ceiling CrisisTimothy SherrattTea Party
08-05-2011Politics and ProseByron Borgerbook reviews
08-05-2011Faith, Drama, & the Debt CeilingMichelle Crotwell Kirtleyfaith & politics
07-29-2011Free Speech and the War on TerrorRyan McIlhennyTerrorism
07-29-2011On the National Debt: A Voice from Future GenerationsNathan Thompsonintergenerational justice
07-29-2011In Praise of the Debt CeilingTodd P. Steennational debt
07-29-2011In Remembrance of John StottMichael J. GersonJohn Stott
07-22-2011The Justice of Responsible LendingRachel Hope Andersonhousehold debt
07-22-2011In Defense of the Electoral CollegeMarc LiVeccheelectoral college