Capital Commentary is the weekly current-affairs publication of CPJ, written to encourage the pursuit of public justice.

Capital Commentary Archive

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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
07-20-1998Land Preservation and the Common GoodHenry Suhrenvironment
04-17-2006Last Gasp?Steven MeyerIraq War
06-20-2008Latin American Evangelicals: In a League of their OwnDennis R. HooverLatin America
12-01-2014Law and ViolenceJohn InazuMichael Brown
10-13-2014Law, Politics, and Society: A Special Challenge for ChristiansJames W. Skillensociety
03-16-1998Lawmaking and the Supreme CourtJames SkillenPolitics/Government
02-17-1997Leading the Charge in All DirectionsJames SkillenEducation
10-13-2014Learning from the FrenchWilliam Edgarspiritual disciplines
01-21-2011Legal Abortion: An Unjust PeaceBrenda Kay ZylstraMarch for Life
03-14-2014Legality, Morality, and Plausibility in the Crimean CrisisBradford LittlejohnCrimea
06-21-2013Legislative Compromise: Virtue or Failure?Michael J. Gersonimmigration bill
06-30-2003Lessons From IraqSteven MeyerForeign Policy
04-24-2000Let Baptists be BaptistsStephen Lazarusreligious freedom
06-17-2011Let's Disagree, But Not HateMichael J. Gersoncivility
08-03-2012Let’s Talk PoliticsClay Cookecivility
12-09-2011Liberalism, Democracy, and Sphere SovereigntyClay Cookepolarization
04-01-2011Libya and the Dilemmas of Overseas InterventionDavid T. KoyzisForeign Policy
05-30-2016Life Has Never Been NormalAaron BelzMemorial Day
10-03-2005Light at the End of the TunnelSteven E. MeyerForeign Policy
10-12-2012Lincoln’s KnoxAaron BelzAbraham Lincoln
06-13-2005Listening to the Sudanese Church in ExileStephen LazarusAfrica
11-24-2014Living and DyingStephen V. Monsmahuman dignity
10-14-1996Losing by DefaultJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
08-20-2010Love and Justice in PoliticsGideon StraussPolitics/Government
08-13-2010Loving our Enemies to Death?Marc LiVeccheJust War
03-23-2012Loving Our Immigrant NeighborAmy E. Blackimmigration reform
10-04-2013Lumen Fidei and the Politics of TrustRobert J. Joustrarelational diplomacy
08-04-1997Lurching AheadJames Skillenfederal budget
07-27-2012Magic Mike, the Dark Knight and the Repercussions of Economic DistressJosh LarsenMagic Mike
03-30-2015Magna Carta at 800David KoyzisMagna Carta
03-15-1999Majority No Longer Moral?James Skillenproportional representation
09-03-2010Making room for differencesGideon StraussPluralism
05-31-2013Making the Right Argument in the Gosnell Murder CaseElisa ShearerAbortion
10-22-2010Making Tough DecisionsDavid T. Koyzispublic health
11-21-2008Managing or Exceeding ExpectationsSteven E. MeyerElection 2008
08-04-2006Many a Slip from Party Philosophy to Governing PolicyTimothy SherrattPolitics/Government
10-13-2014Marilynne Robinson’s AmericaAaron Belztotal depravity
10-20-2003Marriage and Homosexual RightsJames SkillenMarriage/Family
12-31-2010Marriage Matters in Middle AmericaJosh Goodpoverty
01-18-2008Martin Luther King DayDean TrulearCivil Rights
12-13-2004Matters of Faith . . . and PrisonJosh GoodThe Faith-Based Initiative
01-13-2012May New Delegate Rules Shape the Soul of the G.O.P.?Timothy SherrattRepublican primary
02-10-2012Measuring Justice in the Contraceptive Mandate Joanna Stephenssphere sovereignty
11-10-2014MemorizationAaron BelzMichael Gove
05-23-2014Mendacium OffisiosumWilliam EdgarDon Ridenhour Prize
12-18-2000Mending the BreachStephen LazarusRace Relations
08-18-2014Midterm Elections: Turning Battles into OpportunitiesAmy E. Black midterm elections
01-19-2015Military Humanitarian Intervention and International JusticePaul EdgarOperation United Assistance
08-19-2011Military Research Funding in an Era of AusterityJason E. Summersscience funding
05-18-2015Millennials Care About Political Community (and Just Tweeted About It)Katie Thompsonpublic justice
08-28-2009Missing Balance in Healthcare ReformMichelle KirtleyHealth Care
02-21-2014Missionaries, Democracy, and Political CultureDavid KoyzisAt Play in the Fields of the Lord
08-03-2015Money and Campaigns: Current Realities, Future PossibilitiesTed Williams IIIcampaign finance reform
05-27-2011Moral Conversation and Christian Political EngagementTimothy SherrattChristian political engagement
11-15-2004Moral Issues, Divided Society, and the ElectionsWilliam HarperElection 2004
03-02-2012Moral Principles & Moral CouragePaul Brinkfederal budget deficit
06-10-2011Moral Principles for a Healthy American EconomyRyan Messamoretax reform
03-28-2014More Light, Less Heat Needed on State Religious Freedom BillsStanley Carlson-ThiesReligious freedom bills
04-25-2008More Political Morality, Please!Paul BrinkElection 2008
08-28-2000More Religion, PleaseJames SkillenElection 2000
06-09-2014Moving Beyond the Blame Game Amy E. Black domestic policy
08-24-2012Moving Juvenile Justice Towards Restorative JusticeRachel Livingstonrestorative justice
10-21-2002Mugging Civil RightsJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
06-09-2014Music: Where Words Leave OffAaron Belzmusic
05-07-2010My call to institution-building . . . and oursGideon StraussCaritas in Veritate
02-09-2015My People: Properly Subversive TheologyWilliam Edgarsubversive theology
07-25-2016Narrowing the Gate: Options for Criminal Justice Reform Jennifer E. Walshcriminal justice reform
12-31-2010National Debt and the Principle of SubsidiarityMichael J. Gersonsubsidiarity
12-08-2014Native American Education: One (Mostly) Successful StoryRon PolinderNavajo Nation
03-25-2011Natural Law, Common Grace, and Public JusticeVincent Bacotenatural law
08-17-2012Navigating the Election Season with Humility, Grace, and ReasonAmy E. Blackcivility
11-05-2010Needed: a Robust Vision, a Civil ConversationGideon StraussCitizenship
07-20-2015Neither a Christian Nor a Secular NationStephen V. Monsmaprincipled pluralism
11-10-2014Neither Utopia Nor IndifferenceWilliam EdgarPaul Weyrich
12-06-2013Nelson Mandela and the World After Apartheid Gideon StraussApartheid
08-02-2013New Israeli-Palestinian Talks: Playing at the Edges?Steven E. Meyertwo-state solution
06-28-2013New “Faith in Giving” CoalitionStanley Carlson-Thies“Faith in Giving” coalition
10-26-2015No Child is DisposableMichael Gerson & Stephanie Summersjuvenile justice
02-04-2011No Child Left Behind and Education ReformNicole Baker Fulgham, David Larseneducation reform
02-04-2011No Child Left Behind and Education Reform (continued)Townsend Lange McNitt, Kathryn L. Wiens, Timothy P. Wienseducation reform
10-12-2012No Excuse for IncivilityMichael J. Gersonpolitical discourse
09-29-1997No Magic BulletJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
08-05-2011No New Taxes, War, and the Debt Ceiling CrisisTimothy SherrattTea Party
09-13-1999No Quotas for ReligionJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
10-18-2013No Ultimate Political SolutionsTimothy Sherrattchecks and balances
11-22-2013Non-State Efforts to Monitor Corruption in Intercountry AdoptionBecca McBride and Brooke Bonnemanternational adoption
06-15-2012North Korea: Clear Evil, No Clear SolutionsJudd Birdsallprison camps
01-25-2013North/West African Conflicts and Interfaith InterventionismBy R. Drew SmithTerrorism
05-08-2009Notre Dame, Glendon, and ObamaTim SherrattCivil Society
01-10-2014Now is Not the Time for a Major Initiative on InequalityTimothy Sherrattmidterm elections
05-13-2011Now What? The Pursuit of Justice in a Post-bin Laden AfghanistanMichelle KirtleyAfghanistan
03-10-2003Now, Only Preemption is ContainmentKeith PavlischekForeign Policy
12-22-2006Nukes and National PrestigeRoy Clousernuclear weapons
09-14-2015NYC, Pre-K & Public Justice – A Way ForwardStephanie Summersearly childhood education
12-16-2002O Broken Town of BethlehemMitri RahebMiddle East
09-25-2000O Give Me a Plain, Where the Caribou Roam...AUTHOREnergy/Environment
06-03-2002O'Neill on Safari with BonoJames SkillenForeign Policy
01-19-2007Obama for President?James SkillenElection 2008
02-12-2010Obama the KingDavid KoyzisGovernment
06-05-2009Obama, Cairo, and Religious FreedomDennis R. HooverReligious Liberty