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06-29-2012Immigration Policy & Public Justice, Part I: An IntroductionJulia Stronks and Aaron Korthiusimmigration reform
05-25-2007Immigration Reform and Our Southern NeighborsRuth MelkonianImmigration
08-26-2011Immigration Reform Is for Our NeighborsHarold Heielocal politics
10-12-1998Impeachment is Office PoliticsStephen LazarusPolitics/Government
08-26-2002Imperialist Blinders?Steven MeyerForeign Policy
09-29-2014Improving Health in Ethiopia Through Partnerships with the ChurchEmily Robinson and Getahun AsresHIV testing
07-26-2013In Defense of Disaster MoviesJosh LarsenPacific Rim
07-22-2011In Defense of the Electoral CollegeMarc LiVeccheelectoral college
04-27-2012In Memoriam: Charles W. Colson, A Life Well-Lived (1931-2012)Michael J. GersonChuck Colson
08-12-2011In Memoriam: Christ's Call to ServiceSenator Mark O. Hatfieldfaith & politics
07-08-2011In Political Campaigns, Faith MattersMichelle Crotwell Kirtleyreligion and public life
02-24-2012In Praise of DiversityStephen V. Monsmareligious freedom
07-29-2011In Praise of the Debt CeilingTodd P. Steennational debt
03-29-2013In Pursuit of Holistic Justice and Human Dignity in IndiaMichelle Crotwell Kirtleywomen
07-29-2011In Remembrance of John StottMichael J. GersonJohn Stott
01-04-2013In Search of Political CourageMichael J. Gersontax reform
06-29-2012In Support of Thicker Walls, Wider Doorways on ImmigrationTimothy SherrattArizona v. U.S.
01-16-2009Inauguration by FireJames SkillenElection 2008
04-15-1996Inches from InfanticideLuis LugoAbortion
12-21-2012Incremental Immigration Reform: Give the Undocumented a VoiceJulia K. Stronksimmigration reform
08-12-2011Individual Prosperity or Social Justice?Harold Dean Trulearsocial justice
09-14-2012Individuality or Community: A False ChoiceHarold HeieE.J. Dionne
09-30-2011Innovation, Intellectual Property, and the ConstitutionJason E. Summerspatent reform
11-03-2014Instruction vs. EducationCharles Glenncommon good
08-04-2014Intelligence: A Noble Profession?Steven E. Meyer intelligence
12-26-2005Intelligent Courts, Schools, and ScienceJames SkillenEducation
06-26-2006Interfaith or Multi-faith?Stanley Carlson-ThiesReligious Liberty
11-08-2013International Efforts to Regulate AdoptionBecca McBrideinternational adoption
03-07-2014International Elections Observation in El SalvadorLou WagenveldEl Salvador
03-25-2011International Intervention in LibyaMichael J. Gersonsubsidiarity
01-20-2012Interpreting War’s AtrocitiesMichelle Crotwell KirtleyJust War
07-13-2015Intervention and Securing Justice AbroadSteven E. Meyerinternational relations
01-15-2010Investing in Fatherhood and Family-Strengthening Pays OffJosh GoodMarriage/Family
01-15-2010Investing in Fatherhood and Family-Strengthening Pays OffJosh GoodMarriage/Family
01-01-2010Investing in Fatherhood and Family-Strengthening Pays OffJosh GoodMarriage/Family
01-21-2011Invoking God in PublicDavid T. Koyzisreligion & politics
01-12-2004Iowa and New Hampshire and...James Skillenpresidential campaigns
12-12-2005Iraq, Intelligence, and PolicySteven E. MeyerIraq
02-21-2005Iraqi Elections: Way Ahead of Us?William Harperproportional representation
09-11-2000Is America God's Mediator to the Globe?James SkillenElection 2000
01-31-2014Is Fracking a Great American Success Story? (1)Rusty Pritchardshale-gas extraction
02-21-2014Is Fracking the Great American Success Story? (2)Rusty Pritchardboom industry
10-21-2011Is Our Government Broken?Napp NazworthElectoral Reform
04-12-2013Is Religious Freedom Under Threat?Stephen V. Monsmaeligious freedom
09-12-2008Is the Common Good Rainbow-Striped?Stanley Carlson-ThiesReligious Liberty
10-25-1999Is the Death Penalty Still Viable?AUTHORcapital punishment
04-11-2008Is the Economic Crisis a Moral Issue?James SkillenEconomy
07-21-2014Is There a Why? Thoughts on the HolocaustWilliam EdgarAuschwitz
04-20-2012Is Tolerance a Virtue?David T. Koyzisreligious freedom
10-20-2014ISIL and the International SystemPaul S. Rowereligious war
07-01-2011Islam, Religious Freedom, and American Public LifeMichael J. Gersonpolitics
03-14-2008Israel and Palestine: Why Is This Issue So Difficult?Steven E. MeyerMiddle East
03-16-2012Israel, Iran and the U.S.Steven E. MeyerIran
03-02-2015Israel’s FutureSteven E. Meyerpeacemaking
07-22-2011It's OK: Abandon AfghanistanJonathan ShineJust War
07-06-2012It’s All GoodAaron BelzBob Dylan
05-04-2012It’s Not Only Religious Freedom: Why Christians Should Acknowledge the “Contraception Side” of the HHS Birth Control MandateLeah Seppanen AndersonHHS mandate
09-20-2013It’s Your Turn to be Vladimir PutinTimothy SherrattAffordable Care Act
10-04-2013Jean Bethke Elshtain, Václav Havel, and the Ethics of ResponsibilityLubomir Martin OndrasekVáclav Havel
06-04-2001Jeffords' Defection: The Tip of an IcebergJack BoeveElectoral Reform
07-04-2008Jesus Is Lord!Paul BrinkCitizenship
08-10-2015John Calvin and the CaliphateRobert J. JoustraIslam
01-10-2014John Kerry and Middle East Peace: Negotiating a Hard BargainPaul S. RoweMiddle East peace process
12-08-2014Judicial Action and Marriage InequalityStanley Carlson-ThiesSCOTUS
09-21-2015Jury Duty: Peership in a Divided CultureA. Kayleigh Shebsjury duty
09-30-2011Just Health Care ReformClarke E. CochranMedicare
06-24-1996Just KiddingJames SkillenMarriage/Family
04-12-1999Just or Unjust War?James SkillenForeign Policy
03-18-1997Just Say No To Human CloningJames Skillenhuman cloning
11-07-2016Just Trade Policy in a Changing World EconomyRodney D. Ludematrade policy
05-06-2011Just War and Osama bin LadenJonathine Shine, Tyler Wigg-Stevenson, Daniel H. LevineTerrorism
05-06-2011Just War and Osama bin Laden (cont.)Erica Borggren, Brenda Kay ZylstraTerrorism
05-06-2011Just War and Osama bin Laden (cont.)Marc LiVecche, Erik Borggren, Keith PavlischekTerrorism
04-08-2011Just War Doctrine and Libya (continued)Steven E. Meyer, Keith Pavlischek, Brenda Kay ZylstraLibya
03-04-2011Just War Doctrine and the War in Afghanistan (continued)Marc LiVecche, Keith Pavlischek, Brenda Kay ZylstraJust War
11-26-2010Just Welfare PolicyJames W. Skillenprincipled pluralism
12-22-1997Justice and ForgivenessJames SkillenCapital Punishment/Death Penalty
12-02-2011Justice and the Privilege of GraceJeremy Chenjustice
09-23-2011Justice as OpportunityMichael J. Gersoneconomic justice
11-19-2010Justice for EducationJames W. Skillenschool choice
09-14-2012Justice for the Cyborg: The Policy Implications of Robotic ProstheticsJason E. Summersdisability
05-20-2011Justice in PlaceGideon Strausscities
12-13-2013Justice in the Minimum Wage Debate Brad Littlejohnminimum wage
11-01-2013Justice Versus JusticeDavid Koyzisinjustice
11-11-2011Justice, Deficits, and TaxesDavid P. Gusheedeficit reduction
09-01-1997Justice, Not Poverty, Requires ChoiceJames SkillenEducation
07-01-2011Justice, Productivity, and the Basics of Tax ReformRyan Streetertax reform
09-13-2013Justly Fighting Job DiscriminationStanley Carlson-ThiesENDA
07-20-2012Juvenile Sentencing & Community ValuesHarold Dean TrulearEighth Amendment
09-08-2014Kairos in FergusonAaron BelzKiller Mike
05-31-2004Kerry and the ChurchKeith PavlischekElection 2004
08-12-2011Kindness and the Gay Marriage DebateJustin McRobertsgay marriage
03-16-2012Kony2012: A Call to CompassionBy Michael J. GersonLord's Resistance Army
03-09-2012Koran-burning & Sacrilege: Religion Matters in DiplomacyTed Williams IIIreligion & civil society
06-02-2003Korea: South and NorthAUTHORKorea
02-15-1999Kosovo and American PowerKeith PavlischekForeign Policy
09-07-2015Labor Day & Our CallingJames SkillenLabor Day
09-05-2005Labor ValueJames SkillenLabor/Employment
10-06-2003Laissez-Faire is Not EnoughJames SkillenPolitics/Government
04-29-1996Lamps Without LightJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform