Capital Commentary is the weekly current-affairs publication of CPJ, written to encourage the pursuit of public justice.

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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
03-16-1998Lawmaking and the Supreme CourtJames SkillenPolitics/Government
02-16-1998Don't Unite with Americans UnitedJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
11-09-2007The Annapolis ConferenceJames SkillenMiddle East
01-19-1998Decriminalize School ChoiceJames SkillenEducation
12-22-1997Justice and ForgivenessJames SkillenCapital Punishment/Death Penalty
09-28-2007Free Exchange Depends on Just MarketsJames SkillenEconomy
12-08-1997Fake Wall, Real MoatJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
11-24-1997An Uncertain SuperpowerJames SkillenForeign Policy
11-10-1997A Colorblind SocietyJames Skillenaffirmative action
07-20-2007Our Destructive Delusion About IraqJames SkillenIraq War
09-29-1997No Magic BulletJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
09-01-1997Justice, Not Poverty, Requires ChoiceJames SkillenEducation
08-04-1997Lurching AheadJames Skillenfederal budget
05-11-2007TortureJames SkillenHuman Rights
07-21-1997What Does Serious Christian Advocacy Require?James SkillenForeign Policy
07-07-1997Time to Amend the ConstitutionJames SkillenReligious Liberty
06-23-1997Racial JusticeJames Skillenproportional representation
03-30-2007The European Union at 50James SkillenEuropean Union
06-09-1997A Global ArmyJames Skillenglobal church
05-26-1997What's Right about Afrocentrism?James SkillenEducation
05-12-1997Christians in CoalitionJames SkillenPolitics/Government
04-28-1997Don't Just Volunteer!James Skillencommunity service
04-14-1997SuicideJames Skillensuicide
01-19-2007Obama for President?James SkillenElection 2008
03-31-1997Equality or Establishment?James SkillenReligious Liberty
03-18-1997Just Say No To Human CloningJames Skillenhuman cloning
03-03-1997Skip the Balanced Budget AmendmentJames SkillenPolitics/Government
02-17-1997Leading the Charge in All DirectionsJames SkillenEducation
01-20-1997Of Oaths and OfficesJames SkillenPolitics/Government
10-27-2006Confusion on IraqJames SkillenIraq War
01-06-1997Abandoning Public Service?James SkillenPolitics/Government
11-25-1996Immigration DilemmasJames Skillenimmigration reform
09-01-2006All Politics is GlobalJames SkillenPolitics/Government
10-28-1996The Environment of the CommonwealthJames SkillenEnergy/Environment
10-14-1996Losing by DefaultJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
07-10-2006Trade, Energy, and the Rebalancing of Global PowerJames SkillenGlobal Community
09-16-1996Cleveland is RightJames SkillenEducation
09-02-1996Filling In the BlanksJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
08-05-1996America Needs More Than a Third PartyJames Skillenproportional representation
07-22-1996Ending Poverty As We Know ItJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
05-01-2006Immigrant JusticeJames SkillenImmigration
06-24-1996Just KiddingJames SkillenMarriage/Family
06-10-1996Advantage Dole?James SkillenPolitics/Government
05-13-1996Expensive Gas, Cheap LeadershipJames SkillenEnergy/Environment
04-29-1996Lamps Without LightJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
04-01-1996Are There Two Chinas Now?James SkillenForeign Policy
11-01-2013Step Into My OfficeJames W. Skillen stewardship
07-06-2012“Christian Democracy”—An Oxymoron?James W. SkillenChristian democracy
09-13-2013Christian Service is Not a Parachurch ActivityJames W. Skillen Parachurch
01-05-2015Christians: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?James W. Skillenpolitical renewal
03-30-2012Does Our System Demand Too Much of the President?James W. SkillenElectoral Reform
10-13-2014Law, Politics, and Society: A Special Challenge for ChristiansJames W. Skillensociety
12-17-2010Conserving the EnvironmentJames W. Skillenguidelines
12-12-2016EntitlementJames W. Skillenentitlements
12-19-2016Christmas – Interlude or Main Event?James W. SkillenChristmas
12-10-2010Security and DefenseJames W. Skillensecurity
12-03-2010Upholding LifeJames W. Skillenhuman dignity
11-26-2010Just Welfare PolicyJames W. Skillenprincipled pluralism
11-19-2010Justice for EducationJames W. Skillenschool choice
11-12-2010CitizenshipJames W. SkillenCitizenship
02-24-2012Calvin, Calvinism, and PoliticsJames W. SkillenAmerican exceptionalism
02-17-2012Seeking Harmony in ChinaJames W. SkillenConfucianism
10-29-2010GovernmentJames W. Skillenlegislative
02-03-2012Political Speech and Action: The Religion and Society Debate James W. Skillenreligious freedom
10-22-2010Constituting a Political CommunityJames W. Skillenpolitical community
04-19-2013"In…the World”James W. Skillen public life
01-06-2012Freedom of Religion, Freedom of ConscienceJames W. Skillenreligious freedom
03-22-2013The Mandate for JusticeJames W. Skillenbiblical justice
12-16-2011Government and the Responsible SocietyJames W. Skillenrole of government
06-09-20142014 Kuyper Lecture ResponseJames W. Skillen Victor Boutros
11-04-2011Government and RepresentationJames W. Skillenrole of government
10-07-2011The Question of AuthorityJames W. Skillenpolitical authority
09-02-2011Public Justice and True ToleranceJames W. Skillenfaith and politics
01-24-2014What is a Monument to Justice? James W. Skillen Jr.
09-14-2012The Question is Government, Not PersonalitiesJames W. Skillengovernance
05-27-2011A Good Tax-Reform ProposalJames W. Skillendeficit
04-22-2011"Come now, let us reason together"—Civil Discourse and Cognitive BiasJason E. Summerscognitive bias
06-15-2012Science in Political DiscourseJason E. Summers C.P. Snow
04-20-2012Google's Unjust Privacy Policy Jason E. SummersGoogle
12-03-2010The Ethical Promise and Challenge of Simulation-based Military TrainingJason E. Summerstechnology
06-07-2013Who Should Decide How to Allocate Science Funding? (3)Jason E. Summerssphere sovereignty
05-31-2013Who Should Decide How to Allocate Science Funding? Jason E. Summersscience funding
05-24-2013Who Should Decide How to Allocate Science Funding? Jason E. Summerssequester
07-21-2014The Ethical Conflict Underlying the Disagreements Over the Hobby Lobby RulingJason E. Summersutilitarianism
11-04-2011The Flawed Technological Approach to Electoral Reform of Americans ElectJason E. Summerstechnology
09-30-2011Innovation, Intellectual Property, and the ConstitutionJason E. Summerspatent reform
08-19-2011Military Research Funding in an Era of AusterityJason E. Summersscience funding
09-14-2012Justice for the Cyborg: The Policy Implications of Robotic ProstheticsJason E. Summersdisability
04-04-2014Training Egyptian Surgeons for Service in Rural SettingsJayson CasperPan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons
04-08-2011Comments on the Libya Intervention in Light of Just War Doctrine on 'Right Authority'Jean Bethke ElshtainJust War
06-23-2014Harnessing the Potential of Religion and Reform in ChinaJean Wu and Sarah Brownreligious reform
01-26-2015Race and Adoption in AmericaJedd Medefindrace
03-25-2011What It Takes to Love OrphansJedd MedefindOrphans
02-01-2013Russia Blew Up the Adoption Bridge. Now What?Jedd Medefindinternational adoption
07-19-2013Immigration Policies at Odds with Family ValuesJen Smyersfamily reunification
07-01-2011Putting Parents First in EducationJennifer A. Marshalleducational choice
02-29-2016Reforming Crime and Punishment Policies the Right WayJennifer E. Walshcriminal justice reform
12-22-2014Corruption and Transparency: Who the Data Revolution is ForgettingJenny Hydedata revolution
11-18-2011The Injustice of Alabama's Immigration LawJenny Yangimmigration reform
12-02-2011Justice and the Privilege of GraceJeremy Chenjustice