Capital Commentary is the weekly current-affairs publication of CPJ, written to encourage the pursuit of public justice.

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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
10-15-2010Fighting Disease in the Developing WorldMichael J. GersonTB
05-02-2005Filibuster WarJames SkillenPolitics/Government
09-02-1996Filling In the BlanksJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
02-22-2013Filling the Gap in Health Coverage Among the PoorMichelle Crotwell Kirtleyuninsured
03-26-2001Financing ElectionsJames Skillencampaign finance reform
11-22-2013Finding Common Ground in the Culture WarStephen V. Monsmaprincipled pluralism
09-19-2005First Amendment AmnesiaStephen LazarusReligious Liberty
09-07-2012First Principles and the ElectionWilliam EdgarChristian Democratic principles
09-29-2014Fiscal Justice for Tomorrow’s ChildrenTodd P. Steenfiscal responsibility
04-05-2013Fixing Social Security for All of UsTodd P. SteenSocial Security
03-01-1999Follow Joseph, Not HobbesStanley Carlson-ThiesY2K
04-27-1998Food, Farming, and Foreign PolicyJames SkillenForeign Policy
01-04-2008Food, Fuel, and FarmingJames SkillenAgriculture
07-31-2009For a Passing Grade, Healthcare Reform Needs More CsStanley Carlson-ThiesHealth Care
11-08-2013For the Love of ClichéAaron Belzpolitical rhetoric
05-17-2004Foreign Aid That Really WorksStephen LazarusForeign Policy
01-20-2012Foreign Policy on the EdgeSteven E. MeyerForeign Policy
10-23-2000Forget the DebatesJames SkillenElection 2000
03-18-2011Forty Years of Loving, and Then the TsunamiJim StoutJapan
02-10-2012Founding Virtues, Social Disintegration and the 2012 ElectionsTimothy Sherrattsocial disintegration
09-28-2007Free Exchange Depends on Just MarketsJames SkillenEconomy
07-29-2011Free Speech and the War on TerrorRyan McIlhennyTerrorism
10-27-2014Freedom as AuthorityDavid KoyzisYves René Simon
01-06-2012Freedom of Religion, Freedom of ConscienceJames W. Skillenreligious freedom
01-26-2015Freedom, Tolerance, and RespectStephen V. Monsmadiversity
10-05-2012French-style Polarization in the U.S.?David T. KoyzisAbraham Kuyper
09-06-2013Fresh Air for the Environmental ConversationRusty PritchardEnvironment
07-14-2003From Legal Judgment to Political ApprobationJames SkillenPolitics/Government
09-06-2013From Nagasaki to Damascus: Just War and American Consistency Daniel R. Allenchemical weapons
02-15-2013From NIH to Nada? The Fiscal Cliff and Federal Research FundingHilary Sherratt research funding
06-08-2012From Principle to Policy: Navigating the Moral Terrain of Immigration ReformPaul Brinkimmigration reform
05-23-2014From the Streets to the Pews: A Story of Holistic HealingEmily DavissonCentral Union Mission
02-11-2011Frost, Kennedy, and the Frontier MythAlex YoungRobert Frost
05-22-2000Fueling Retirement SecurityJames SkillenSocial Security
01-13-2003Gambling for Tax RevenuesJames SkillenGambling
08-19-1996Gambling With Our FutureLuis Lugogambling
09-27-1999Gen X PoliticsStephen LazarusPolitics/Government
03-02-2007Genetic Bipartisanship in Congress!Michelle KirtleyBioethics
04-11-2014Genome Editing, Designer Babies, and the Common GoodMichelle Crotwell KirtleyBioethics
08-25-2014Gentrification and Urban Transformation: A Local Developer’s PerspectiveMikael PelzWealthy Street
07-14-2014Gentrification: Building Diverse Communities?Mikael Pelzdislocation
08-29-2008Georgia: The Larger IssuesSteven MeyerForeign Policy
08-23-2013Ginsberg’s “America” RevisitedAaron BelzWalt Whitman
01-10-2005Girl or Boy: You ChooseKeith PavlischekGender
11-20-2000Give Thanks!James SkillenElection 2000
09-08-2003Give Washington, D.C. Families a Choice and a ChanceStephen LazarusEducation
12-02-2002Go for the Substance, Not the SizzleJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
02-18-2011God in the White HouseDavid T. Koyzisreligion & public life
05-16-2005God Must Have a Very Large Funny Bone!Mary Stewart Van LeeuwenAfrica
01-27-2012God Talk on the Campaign Trail: Evaluating Religious AppealsAmy E. BlackPresidential election 2012
07-27-2012God, Caesar and the Presidential ElectionsTim SherrattN.T. Wright
06-02-2014Godzilla, X-Men, and Rightly Remembering TragedyJosh LarsenX-Men: Days of Future Past
06-22-2007Good Cops, Bad Cops and Religious FreedomDennis R. HooverReligious Liberty
04-18-2014Good Friday and PoliticsWilliam Edgarcreation
08-24-2012Good News for Voters? The Paul Ryan EffectTimothy SherrattPaul Ryan
04-20-2012Google's Unjust Privacy Policy Jason E. SummersGoogle
06-07-1999Goring the SeparationistsKeith PavlischekCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
12-01-2014Governing After the Midterms: Intransigence or Productivity?Timothy SherrattRepublican party
10-29-2010GovernmentJames W. Skillenlegislative
11-04-2011Government and RepresentationJames W. Skillenrole of government
12-16-2011Government and the Responsible SocietyJames W. Skillenrole of government
11-18-2002Grasping for the Past in Europe?Steven MeyerForeign Policy
02-03-2012Grass-roots lobbying as Responsible Citizen EngagementPerry Recker climate change
08-06-2010Habits of the heart—individual AND institutionalDavid NaugleCultural Change
05-03-2013Hanging up Our Harps: The Fading of War(-protest) Music in AmericaRyan O’Dowd1960s music
01-26-2004Hardwired to ConnectStephen LazarusCivil Society
06-23-2014Harnessing the Potential of Religion and Reform in ChinaJean Wu and Sarah Brownreligious reform
10-12-2007Healing Communities for Returning CitizensDean TrulearCriminal Justice
07-13-2012Healing the Poisonous Trend of PolarizationMichael J. Gersonpolarization
03-12-2010Health Care Choices and the Common GoodMichelle KirtleyHealth Care
06-12-2006Health Care for a Healthy PolityTim SherrattHealth Care
01-31-2014Health Care ReduxRoy ClouserAbraham Kuyper
04-24-2009Health Care With DignityMichelle KirtleyHealth Care
08-25-2003Help California Vote!Timothy Sherrattproportional representation
06-23-2014History Is MessyWilliam EdgarGod’s will
07-07-2014Hobby Lobby and the Messy Face of Public Justice Timothy SherrattAffordable Care Act
07-14-2014Hobby Lobby's Implications for WomenMichelle Crotwell Kirtleywomen’s health
08-17-2012Holding Tight: Biblical Principles for EconomicsEric Hilkereconomic policy
11-08-1999Homophobia: Excuse or Cause?Keith PavlischekLGBT
10-19-2012Honoring God on Election Day and Beyond Amy E. Black voting
09-26-2016Honoring Our Calling to Work and Family in Public PolicyRachel Andersonpaid family leave
12-03-2010Hope for the Korean PeninsulaDavid T. KoyzisNorth Korea
11-23-2012Hope in the Face of the Fiscal CliffMichael J. GersonDebt
09-21-2012Hope in the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictStephen V. MonsmaForeign Policy
10-26-2012How Big Is Too Big?Stephen Monsma 2012 Presidential Election
05-13-2011How Might the Arts Be Funded?Micah MattixNational Endowment for the Arts
11-02-2012How Should We Vote?Paul Brink2012 Presidential Election
05-18-2012How This Is Not a Film is a Call for JusticeJosh Larsenfilm
07-15-2011How to Pick a PresidentCarol Veldman Rudienational popular vote
05-25-2012Human Dignity and the Progress of the Pro-Life MovementMichael J. Gersonpro-life movement
05-18-2012Human Rights and Public Diplomacy: What is Our Role in the World?Michelle Crotwell KirtleyChina
06-08-2012Humility as the Antidote to Intolerance: A Response to the 2012 Kuyper Lecture by Miroslav VolfEmily Boop2012 Kuyper Lecture
12-21-1998Hungarian RhapsodyAUTHOREducation
04-10-2009Hunger and JusticeJim SkillenEconomy
06-23-2014Hunger for Justice: The Impact of the Cyprus Tragedy David KoyzisCyprus conflict
10-11-2013Imagining Peace, Practicing HopeErik Borggren9/11
05-01-2006Immigrant JusticeJames SkillenImmigration
07-06-2012Immigration & Public Justice, Part II: Undocumented Residents Brought to the United States as ChildrenJulia Stronks and Aaron KorthiusState of Arizona v. United States of America
11-25-1996Immigration DilemmasJames Skillenimmigration reform
07-19-2013Immigration Policies at Odds with Family ValuesJen Smyersfamily reunification