Capital Commentary is the weekly current-affairs publication of CPJ, written to encourage the pursuit of public justice.

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12-18-2009A Reflection on Advent Politics and PersecutionDennis R. HooverAdvent
06-05-2009Obama, Cairo, and Religious FreedomDennis R. HooverReligious Liberty
06-20-2008Latin American Evangelicals: In a League of their OwnDennis R. HooverLatin America
09-14-2007The Proselytism "Problem"Dennis R. HooverReligious Liberty
06-22-2007Good Cops, Bad Cops and Religious FreedomDennis R. HooverReligious Liberty
12-08-2006Evangelicals and the Muscular MiddleDennis R. HooverPolitics/Government
12-09-2011The Promise of Partnership: How Collaboration Could Change the Foster Care SystemDominique Penn Furukawafoster care
04-07-2003Road Map to Middle East PeaceDonald KruseMiddle East
04-22-2002Seeing Two Sides in the Land of PromiseDonald KruseMiddle East
10-29-2010Symposium: "Which American city offers the healthiest climate for the flourishing of evangelical public intellectuals?" (2)Drew Henderson, Josh GoodEvangelical Public Intellectuals
04-25-2014A Mobility Agendaeconomy, mobility, poverty, opportunitypoverty
01-13-2012The Ethical Pitfalls of Egg DonationElaine PettyIVF
05-31-2013Making the Right Argument in the Gosnell Murder CaseElisa ShearerAbortion
10-28-2011The Justice of Covering Immigrant Children in SCHIPEmilie WolfSCHIP
06-08-2012An Economy Built on AffectionEmily Belzaffection
06-24-2011Court Rulings for the Rest of UsEmily Belzsupreme court
06-08-2012Humility as the Antidote to Intolerance: A Response to the 2012 Kuyper Lecture by Miroslav VolfEmily Boop2012 Kuyper Lecture
05-23-2014From the Streets to the Pews: A Story of Holistic HealingEmily DavissonCentral Union Mission
09-29-2014Improving Health in Ethiopia Through Partnerships with the ChurchEmily Robinson and Getahun AsresHIV testing
08-17-2012Holding Tight: Biblical Principles for EconomicsEric Hilkereconomic policy
07-12-2013Agricultural Subsidies and Public JusticeEric Hilker2013 farm bill
07-05-2013Agricultural Subsidies and Public JusticeEric Hilkercrop insurance
05-27-2011Thinking Christianly about Debt, Spending and TaxesEric Teeteltax reform
04-25-2014Engaging Our Veterans: A Simple Start to Bridging the Civil-Military DivideErica Borggrenveterans
05-06-2011Just War and Osama bin Laden (cont.)Erica Borggren, Brenda Kay ZylstraTerrorism
10-11-2013Imagining Peace, Practicing HopeErik Borggren9/11
11-26-2010Faith as the End, Not the MeansGabe Lyonspolitics
10-20-2014When Water Poverty Hits HomeGeorge McGrawwater poverty
06-07-2013Economic Growth: Always Good?George N. Monsma, Jr.poverty reduction
07-15-2011Public Justice and the Debt CeilingGeorge N. Monsma, Jr.national debt
04-29-2011Politics in ContextGideon StraussCitizenship
04-22-2011Christ is Risen!Gideon StraussEaster
03-25-2011Slow PoliticsGideon Strausspolitics
02-25-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (12)Gideon Strausshuman dignity
02-18-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (11)Gideon Straussjustice
02-11-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (10)Gideon Strausscreation
01-28-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (9)Gideon StraussPsalm 19
01-21-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (8)Gideon StraussPsalms
01-14-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (7)Gideon Straussevil
01-07-2011Our Times Are in Your Hand - an Epiphany PrayerGideon Straussepiphany
12-17-2010Desire of All Nations--an Advent and Christmas PrayerGideon Straussprayer
12-03-2010Wonder, Heartbreak, and Hope (6)Gideon Straussinjustice
11-26-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (5)Gideon StraussPsalm 137
11-19-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (4)Gideon StraussApartheid
02-24-2012Don’t Let Your Inner 11-year-old Vote for YouGideon Straussfaith and politics
11-05-2010Needed: a Robust Vision, a Civil ConversationGideon StraussCitizenship
10-29-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (3)Gideon StraussSpirituality of political practice
10-22-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (2)Gideon StraussSpirituality of political practice
10-15-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (1)Gideon StraussSpiritual Practices
10-15-2010Connecting Principles and PracticeGideon StraussPublic Justice Principles
09-03-2010Making room for differencesGideon StraussPluralism
08-27-2010Becoming an AmericanGideon StraussCitizenship
08-20-2010Love and Justice in PoliticsGideon StraussPolitics/Government
07-02-2010An editorial statement of directionGideon StraussCapital Commentary
05-07-2010My call to institution-building . . . and oursGideon StraussCaritas in Veritate
04-23-2010Caritas in Veritate—Early ResponsesGideon StraussCaritas in Veritate
10-07-2011Upstream (Part Two)Gideon Straussslow politics
09-23-2011Upstream, Part OneGideon Straussslow politics
12-06-2013Nelson Mandela and the World After Apartheid Gideon StraussApartheid
05-27-2011City Government and City MarketsGideon Straussmarkets
05-20-2011Justice in PlaceGideon Strausscities
03-04-2011Citizens and Government Share Responsibility for Intergenerational JusticeGideon Strauss, Stephanie Summersjustice
12-10-2010Facing the Truth: The Implications of the National DebtGreer Gamblefiscal responsibility
12-08-2014Protest PsalmsGreg Ayersthe Reformation
04-06-2012“More Than It Says”: Adrienne Rich (1929-2012) and the Political PoemHannah VanderHartAdrienne Rich
02-10-2012Another Kind of RhetoricHannah VanderHartrhetoric
07-20-2012Juvenile Sentencing & Community ValuesHarold Dean TrulearEighth Amendment
04-01-2011Entrepreneurship and Prison Re-entryHarold Dean Trulearprisoner reentry
01-05-2015The Power and Principle of Nonviolent ProtestHarold Dean Trulearracial injustice
12-15-2014Clergy and Millennials Pursuing Justice in FergusonHarold Dean Trulearracial injustice
05-25-2012Prison Ministry in the Post-Colson EraHarold Dean TrulearChuck Colson
05-23-2016A Jail is Not a Prison: Rethinking Local Criminal JusticeHarold Dean Trulearcriminal justice reform
07-26-2013Race and the Image of GodHarold Dean TrulearTrayvon Martin
10-24-2016Criminal Justice Policy: Voting “Down” in 2016Harold Dean Trulearvoting
09-08-2014Priests and Prophets in FergusonHarold Dean Trulearracism
03-22-2013Youth Violence, Civil Society and the Power of RelationshipsHarold Dean Trulearmentoring recidivism
08-12-2011Individual Prosperity or Social Justice?Harold Dean Trulearsocial justice
01-17-2014The Second Chance Act: What Smart Bipartisan Legislation Can DoHarold Dean Trulearincarceration
06-03-2011Beyond the Rush to IncarcerateHarold Dean Trulearsupreme court
01-07-2011Understanding ObamaHarold Heietaxes
05-10-2013The Elusive Quest for Balance in Political LegislationHarold Heiefederal budget deficit
01-20-2012Alternative Political ConversationHarold
04-05-2013Engaging Politicians about Immigration ReformHarold HeieSenator Chuck Grassley
08-26-2011Immigration Reform Is for Our NeighborsHarold Heielocal politics
09-14-2012Individuality or Community: A False ChoiceHarold HeieE.J. Dionne
08-17-2012Does Civility Work?Harold HeieElectoral Reform
01-25-2016Beyond Punishment for the Crime: Collateral Consequences of a ConvictionHeather Garretsonrestorative justice
07-20-1998Land Preservation and the Common GoodHenry Suhrenvironment
09-09-2011A World Free From Nuclear WeaponsHerman Keizer, Jr.nuclear nonproliferation
04-27-2012A Bad Romance and A Hopeful Possibility: The Significance of the VoteHilary Sherrattvoter participation
02-15-2013From NIH to Nada? The Fiscal Cliff and Federal Research FundingHilary Sherratt research funding
08-11-2014Welcome to Jury DutyHilary Sherratt Yanceylaw
11-10-2014Barriers to Higher Education for Low-Income StudentsHilary YanceyHoxby and Avery
02-08-2013Disability and the American Way Holland Stewartliberalism
06-04-2001Jeffords' Defection: The Tip of an IcebergJack BoeveElectoral Reform
02-12-2001Charitable Choice Behind BarsJack BoeveCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
11-16-2012Suicide and Narrow Social AgendasJack HankeMassachusetts
03-16-2012Religious Liberty and a Rhetoric of ReconciliationJack Newmancivility
04-15-2011Recovering a Gospel-Centered Approach to PoliticsJack Porterpolitics
03-29-2013Of Dreams and Renaissance: China’s New GovernmentJames Chenreligious freedom