Capital Commentary is the weekly current-affairs publication of CPJ, written to encourage the pursuit of public justice.

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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
07-03-2009Celebrating IndependenceJames SkillenFourth of July
08-09-2013Challenging Interpretations of Zero Dark ThirtyJosh Larsen torture
01-25-2013Challenging Interpretations of Zero Dark ThirtyBy Josh Larsentorture
02-07-2014Challenging Sex-Selective Abortion in the United StatesMichelle Crotwell Kirtleygender discrimination
08-17-2012Challenging the Escalation of Negative PoliticsMichael J. Gerson2012 Presidential Election
04-27-2015Championing Our KidsMichael J. GersonRobert Putnam
03-23-2015Changing Flags, Shifting IdentitiesBruce C. Wearnepost-colonialism
11-03-2014Changing the Currency of Rural PovertyAnnelise JolleyVSLA
02-12-2001Charitable Choice Behind BarsJack BoeveCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
01-14-2002Charitable Choice in the Courts: Round OneStephen LazarusCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
04-26-2013Charity Tax Deduction: Important for Many Charities, Vital for OthersStanley Carlson-Thiescharitable giving
09-13-2013Chemical Weapons and Our Moral ResponseMichael J. GersonSyrian war
05-30-2005China RisingSteven MeyerChina
07-06-1998Chinese TheaterMichelle VollForeign Policy
04-23-2001Chinese Wake-Up CallJames SkillenForeign Policy
03-26-2010Choosing a Boss on Capitol HillKate HarrisMentor
09-08-2014Christ and CrisisTimothy Sherrattinternational relations
12-16-2011Christ and CultureCristina MartinezPrinceton University
04-22-2011Christ is Risen!Gideon StraussEaster
12-21-2012Christian Civic EducationArlan KoppendrayerAbraham Kuyper
01-07-2011Christian Political EngagementBlythe Scottfaith and politics
11-16-2012Christian Politics as Critical Loyalty?Timothy Sherrattfaith & politics
05-10-2013Christian Principles for Immigration ReformMichael J. Gerson immigration reform
09-13-2013Christian Service is Not a Parachurch ActivityJames W. Skillen Parachurch
12-20-2013Christianity’s “War on Christmas”Matthew Kaemingkreligious tolerance
02-20-2006Christians and Climate ChangeSteven E. MeyerEnvironment
03-28-2014Christians Don’t Own the Copyright on NoahJosh LarsenNoah
02-01-2013Christians for CompromiseClay Cookepolitical compromise
05-12-1997Christians in CoalitionJames SkillenPolitics/Government
10-18-2013Christians in the Middle East: More than Leaseholders?Paul Rowereligious persecution
03-08-2013Christians Investing in Public EducationStephanie Summerspublic education reform
03-07-2016Christians, the Election, and Foreign PolicySteven E. Meyerinternational relations
01-05-2015Christians: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?James W. Skillenpolitical renewal
12-08-2014Christmas SchmaltzWilliam EdgarSuffering
12-19-2016Christmas – Interlude or Main Event?James W. SkillenChristmas
04-09-2010Church and State Working Together for OrphansMarc AndreasOrphans
05-11-2012Church and State...and City and NeighborhoodJoanna Stephensreligious freedom
03-04-2011Citizens and Government Share Responsibility for Intergenerational JusticeGideon Strauss, Stephanie Summersjustice
11-12-2010CitizenshipJames W. SkillenCitizenship
02-02-2015Citizenship is Our Common CallingStephanie Summerspublic justice
05-27-2011City Government and City MarketsGideon Straussmarkets
12-06-1999Civic Education's Crisis—and OpportunityAUTHOREducation
10-21-2011Civic Responsibility in Southern CaliforniaMichelle Crotwell KirtleySouthern California
12-05-2008Civic Revival in the Face of ScarcityDean TrulearCivic Responsibility
12-15-2014Civil Discourse and Principled Pluralism on University CampusesChelsea Langstonreligious student organizations
05-04-2012Civil Society After The FallTimothy Sherratt2012 Presidential Election
02-04-2011Civility and the Small-c Constitution: Lessons for Egypt's FutureDavid T. Koyziscivility
06-24-2011Civility in American PoliticsTimothy Sherrattpolitical polarization
11-26-2010Civility in Public DiscourseMichael J. Gersonpublic discourse
07-14-2014Civilization(s) on the Brink in Dawn of the Planet of the ApesJosh LarsenDawn of the Planet of the Apes
02-17-2012Clarifying the Basics of Religious FreedomMichael J. Gersonreligious freedom
04-13-2012Clearly Clouded: The Persian PredicamentChris SeipleForeign Policy
12-15-2014Clergy and Millennials Pursuing Justice in FergusonHarold Dean Trulearracial injustice
09-16-1996Cleveland is RightJames SkillenEducation
12-14-2012Cliff Notes from the EdgeTimothy Sherrattfaith and politics
04-25-2016Climate Change: What Can Civil Society Do About It?Rusty Pritchardclimate change
05-24-1999Columbine High, Clinton, and KosovoStephen LazarusMorality
07-15-2011Combatting Modern Day SlaveryMichael J. GersonSudan
04-08-2011Comments on the Libya Intervention in Light of Just War Doctrine on 'Right Authority'Jean Bethke ElshtainJust War
04-04-2014Common Core Standards and Public JusticeStephanie SummersCommon Core State Standards
03-29-1999Confessions of the Master of SpinStephen LazarusPolitics/Government
06-20-2016Confident PluralismJohn Inazupluralism
06-27-2016Confident Pluralism: A ResponseBryan McGrawpluralism
10-27-2006Confusion on IraqJames SkillenIraq War
01-31-2014Congress and the State of the UnionMichael J. GersonSOTU 2014
08-18-2006Congress Must Not Duck Immigration ReformRuth MelkonianImmigration
10-11-1999Congressional ContradictionsJames SkillenPolitics/Government
10-15-2010Connecting Principles and PracticeGideon StraussPublic Justice Principles
04-27-2012Conservation, Development, and American AssistanceRusty PritchardHaiti
03-15-2013Conservative Soul-Searching: The Time is NowPaul Brinkrole of government
12-17-2010Conserving the EnvironmentJames W. Skillenguidelines
10-21-2011Considering a LegacyVincent BacoteAbraham Kuyper
10-22-2010Constituting a Political CommunityJames W. Skillenpolitical community
01-13-2012Contemporary Poetry: A Renewed Medium for Social Consciousness?Brett Fostercontemporary poetry
11-18-2011Contemporary Poetry: Social Conscience? Not So MuchBrett Fostercontemporary poetry
12-16-2011Contemporary Poetry: What It’s Typically Good At, and How That’s ChangingBrett FosterPhilip Levine
01-01-2010Continuity and Discontinuity in the New YearJames SkillenNew Year's Challenges
11-04-2011Corporations, Personhood and the Common GoodJess O. Hale, Jr.economic justice
12-22-2014Corruption and Transparency: Who the Data Revolution is ForgettingJenny Hydedata revolution
11-23-2012Could the Syrian Civil War Spread?Paul S. RoweU.S. foreign policy
06-24-2011Court Rulings for the Rest of UsEmily Belzsupreme court
12-05-2016CPJ's 2016 Christmas BooksByron Borgerbook reviews
10-24-2016Criminal Justice Policy: Voting “Down” in 2016Harold Dean Trulearvoting
09-05-2016Cultivating Rooted CitizensStephanie Summerscitizenship
03-21-2014DACA, ENFORCE and Faithful Execution of the LawStephanie SummersUSCIS
11-20-2009Dealing With Iran's Nuclear ProgramSteven E. MeyerForeign Policy
03-11-2011Debt, Courage, and WisdomMichael J. Gersonintergenerational justice
02-22-2013Deciphering the Administration’s New Proposed Rules on the Contraceptive MandateStanley Carlson-ThiesReligious Liberty
05-09-2014Declaring CandidacyStephanie Summerscandidate forums
07-05-2013Declaring Independence?Stephanie SummersBradley Manning
01-19-1998Decriminalize School ChoiceJames SkillenEducation
04-01-2011Defining the Role of GovernmentAmy E. BlackCitizenship
04-18-2014Defying Authority in Obedience to Authority: Milgram’s ExperimentDavid T. Koyzisauthority
05-19-2003Democracy Through Creative Destruction?James SkillenForeign Policy
12-17-2010Desire of All Nations--an Advent and Christmas PrayerGideon Straussprayer
09-15-2014Despair or Renaissance?William Edgarglobalization
03-09-2012Developing Rule of Law in ChinaKevin R. den Dulk rule of law
05-24-2013DialogueCatherine E. WilsonComprehensive Immigration Reform
04-08-2011Dialogue IBrian Auten, Robert Joustra, Marc LiVeccheLibya
03-04-2011Dialogue IBrian Auten, Erica Borggren, Erik BorggrenJust War