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01-06-2012Smart Power or Wise Power?Charles StrohmerForeign Policy
08-03-2012Religious Freedom for MuslimsChelsea LangstonIslam
07-06-2015Reasons to Hope #Lovewins for Religious Organizations and Individuals As WellChelsea Langstonreligious freedom
01-11-2016The Equality Act, LGBT Rights, and Religious FreedomChelsea LangstonLGBT
12-15-2014Civil Discourse and Principled Pluralism on University CampusesChelsea Langstonreligious student organizations
03-21-2016Why Christians Should Care About Religious Freedom for MuslimsChelsea Langstonreligious freedom
05-16-2016Protecting Life and the Diversity of Medicaid ProvidersChelsea LangstonPlanned Parenthood
08-02-2013The Hobby Lobby Case and Principled PluralismChelsea Langstoncontraception mandate
10-06-2014Preserving Pluralism in University Student OrganizationsChelsea LangstonUniversity of Michigan
03-02-2012Same-sex Marriage & Religious FreedomChelsea Langstonsame-sex marriage
07-21-2014Principled PersonhoodChelsea Langstonreligious freedom
12-23-2011The Contraception Mandate Violates Religious FreedomChelsea Langstoncontraceptive mandate
09-19-2016Religious Freedom: An Invitation to Wash Some Feet This Election Season Chelsea Langston Bombinoreligious freedom
07-19-2013A Hole in “The Heart of the Matter”Cherie HarderAmerican Academy of Arts and Sciences
04-13-2012Clearly Clouded: The Persian PredicamentChris SeipleForeign Policy
10-19-2012Evangelical-Islamist Encounters, Part III: Democracy in Tunisia Chris SeipleDemocracy
10-12-2012Evangelical-Islamist Encounters, Part II: Dialogue with Islamists and Salafis Chris SeipleSalafis
10-05-2012Evangelical-Islamist Encounters on the Frontlines of Change, Part I: Democracy Matures from Within Chris SeipleArab Spring
02-14-2000Party-ing in the MiddleChristen Yatespresidential campaigns
05-11-2012Faith Communities and Dedicated Citizens Play a Key Role in Animal Protection Christine Gutlebencreation stewardship
10-13-2014Why a US Counter-Terrorism Strategy to Defeat ISIL Must Include WomenChristy VinesIraq
09-22-2014Beyond the “Genderization” of War: Women, Religion, and the Future of IraqChristy Vineswomen’s rights
11-03-2014Abortion Regulations and Public JusticeClarke Cochranwomen’s health
01-11-2013What to Watch for in the Next Phase of Health Care ReformClarke Cochranhealth insurance exchanges
05-25-2015Driving with the Brakes On: Why Doing Justice Is So DifficultClarke E. Cochransocial injustice
06-01-2012“I didn’t know that!” – How Health Care Reform is Beginning to Control CostsClarke E. Cochranhealth care reform
06-14-2013Sustaining Medicare: Controversies and AlternativesClarke E. CochranAffordable Care Act
06-30-2014The Affordable Care Act Becomes “Normal” PolicyClarke E. CochranHHS
04-25-2014Evaluating the Affordable Care Act (2)Clarke E. CochranAffordable Care Act
01-18-2013Religious Freedom in the Next Phase of Health Care ReformClarke E. Cochranreligious freedom
04-18-2014Evaluating the Affordable Care Act (1)Clarke E. CochranAffordable Care Act
09-30-2011Just Health Care ReformClarke E. CochranMedicare
11-22-2013Our Faulty Health Care AnchorsClarke E. CochranHealth Care
08-03-2012Let’s Talk PoliticsClay Cookecivility
03-30-2012To Do Justice and Love Mercy: Why the Common Good Depends on Sphere Sovereignty and Virtue Clay Cookesphere sovereignty
12-09-2011Liberalism, Democracy, and Sphere SovereigntyClay Cookepolarization
02-01-2013Christians for CompromiseClay Cookepolitical compromise
07-15-2011The Cross in PoliticsClay Cookepolitical theology
04-04-2014Religion and Security in the Heart of AsiaCory BenderSoviet Union
05-18-2012The Older OrphansCristina Martinezfoster care
04-19-2013Social Justice and the Body of ChristCristina Martinezwelfare
12-16-2011Christ and CultureCristina MartinezPrinceton University
10-05-2015Authoring Confusion: Iran, Islam, and Missing the PointDaniel AllenIslam
09-06-2013From Nagasaki to Damascus: Just War and American Consistency Daniel R. Allenchemical weapons
02-25-2011A New South SudanDarlene HilburnSouth Sudan
04-12-2013One Giant Leap for School ChoiceDave Larsenvouchers
09-16-2011Cardus Education Survey: Christian Schools and Cultural EngagementDave LarsenCardus
08-05-2011Rahm Emanuel's ChoiceDave LarsenRahm Emanuel
06-03-2011Education Reform Under the RadarDave LarsenEducation
12-23-1996The End of Pluralism?David CoolidgeMarriage/Family
05-11-2015Serving the City, Shaping the Political Community David Kimsphere sovereignty
11-01-2013Justice Versus JusticeDavid Koyzisinjustice
03-30-2015Magna Carta at 800David KoyzisMagna Carta
12-22-2014The Limits of European UnityDavid KoyzisCatholic social teaching
09-06-2013The Perils of Taking SidesDavid KoyzisEgypt
07-12-2004Educational Equity in OntarioDavid KoyzisEducation
01-04-2016“Ethics for Caesar”? The Good of Political OfficeDavid Koyzispolitical office
03-22-2004Rebalancing NATODavid KoyzisNATO
08-11-2003Ending the Division of CyprusDavid KoyzisCyprus
10-27-2014Freedom as AuthorityDavid KoyzisYves René Simon
08-25-2014One Hundred Years Later: The Psalms and the First World WarDavid KoyzisWorld War I
05-17-2013Viktor Orbán and Hungary’s ConstitutionDavid KoyzisViktor Orban
09-17-2010Pluralism in the pluralDavid Koyzisvoting
06-23-2014Hunger for Justice: The Impact of the Cyprus Tragedy David KoyzisCyprus conflict
02-12-2010Obama the KingDavid KoyzisGovernment
02-21-2014Missionaries, Democracy, and Political CultureDavid KoyzisAt Play in the Fields of the Lord
12-20-2013“Orange States” and “Tricolor States” in Post-Soviet UkraineDavid KoyzisOrange Revolution
08-06-2010Habits of the heart—individual AND institutionalDavid NaugleCultural Change
11-11-2011Justice, Deficits, and TaxesDavid P. Gusheedeficit reduction
08-10-2012A Non-messianic PresidencyDavid T. Koyzisexecutive power
08-17-2015Authority, Citizenship, and Public JusticeDavid T. Koyzisauthority
04-01-2011Libya and the Dilemmas of Overseas InterventionDavid T. KoyzisForeign Policy
03-18-2011The Politics of the PsalmsDavid T. KoyzisPsalms
06-15-2012The True Genius of the U.S. ConstitutionDavid T. KoyzisDemocracy
03-04-2011On Wisconsin: Budget Battles and Adversarial PoliticsDavid T. Koyzisproportional representation
02-18-2011God in the White HouseDavid T. Koyzisreligion & public life
02-04-2011Civility and the Small-c Constitution: Lessons for Egypt's FutureDavid T. Koyziscivility
01-21-2011Invoking God in PublicDavid T. Koyzisreligion & politics
04-20-2012Is Tolerance a Virtue?David T. Koyzisreligious freedom
07-12-2013Bridging the Political Gap: Haidt’s Righteous MindDavid T. KoyzisJonathan Haidt
12-17-2010Sojourners Among UsDavid T. KoyzisImmigration
12-03-2010Hope for the Korean PeninsulaDavid T. KoyzisNorth Korea
11-19-2010Politically Discerning CompassionDavid T. KoyzisSuffering
02-24-2012Two Cheers for the Welfare StateDavid T. Koyziswelfare state
11-05-2010Teapot Tempest Temporary?David T. KoyzisTea Party
10-22-2010Making Tough DecisionsDavid T. Koyzispublic health
03-22-2013Social Welfare and the Pluriformity of AuthorityDavid T. KoyzisBill of Rights
01-25-2013Roe Plus Forty: Where Now?David T. KoyzisRoe v. Wade
04-18-2014Defying Authority in Obedience to Authority: Milgram’s ExperimentDavid T. Koyzisauthority
11-30-2012Winner Take All or Splitting the Difference: Lessons from SwitzerlandDavid T. KoyzisAmerican presidential power
10-05-2012French-style Polarization in the U.S.?David T. KoyzisAbraham Kuyper
02-01-2013Serving Others: A New Lens for Political EngagementDaynan CrullSuperstorm Sandy
09-25-2009Vick and a Second ChanceDean TrulearCriminal Justice
03-27-2009Faith in the Face of Foreclosure?Dean TrulearEconomy
12-05-2008Civic Revival in the Face of ScarcityDean TrulearCivic Responsibility
01-18-2008Martin Luther King DayDean TrulearCivil Rights
10-12-2007Healing Communities for Returning CitizensDean TrulearCriminal Justice
04-13-2007Prisoner ReentryDean TrulearCriminal Justice
10-13-2006Stop Gun Violence!Dean TrulearGun Control
01-06-2012American Exceptionalism and Religious FreedomDennis Hooverreligious freedom