Capital Commentary is the weekly current-affairs publication of CPJ, written to encourage the pursuit of public justice.

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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
09-02-2011Why Freedom of Religion?Stanley Carlson-Thiesreligious freedom
08-17-2007Why Global Climate Change is DifferentSteven MeyerEnvironment
10-06-2014Why Justice Requires Educational DiversityPeter Mitchelleducational opportunity
09-12-2016Why Justice Requires Educational Opportunity and FreedomCharles Glenneducation
10-17-2016Why Loving Our Neighbors Includes Voting Down BallotKevin R. den Dulkvoting
11-30-2012Why Nunn-Lugar MattersTyler Wigg-Stevensonnuclear non-proliferation
11-01-2013Why Religious Liberty is More than CoexistingJeremy Taylorreligious strife
05-03-2004Why Save Arafat?James SkillenMiddle East
06-22-2012Why Should Christians Care About Public Education?Ted Williams IIIeducation reform
11-23-2012Why Stagnation?Steven E. Meyerpolitical reform
03-28-2008Why the Well Qualified Should Rule the WorldRuth MelkonianElection 2008
11-09-2012Why There Are No Women Voters and No Women’s IssuesLauren Swayne Barthold and Brian Glenneygender and politics
11-08-2013Why Truthfulness MattersMichael J. GersonACA
10-10-2016Why Vote? Towards Civic Faithfulness Jesse Covingtonvoting
08-12-2002Why We Should Care about CAREJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
10-12-2015Widows and Orphans…and Unskilled Single Men? Rethinking Poverty PolicyKira Dittman, Hannah Considine, and Amy E. Blackpoverty
07-27-2012WikiLeaks and the Internet: Ushering in an Era of Corporate CensorshipMelissa SteffanWikiLeaks
08-22-2005Will John Roberts Judge Faithfully?Stephen V. MonsmaReligion/Secularization
09-30-1996Will the Real Democratic Party Please Stand UpLuis LugoPolitics/Government
11-30-2012Winner Take All or Splitting the Difference: Lessons from SwitzerlandDavid T. KoyzisAmerican presidential power
08-18-2014Wisdom: The Missing Agency of Foreign PolicyCharles StrohmerAncient Near East
06-14-2013Wise US Foreign Policy Begins at Home Charles StrohmerDoctrine of Restoration
04-05-2013Women in Combat: A Christian Perspective?Julia K. Stronkswomen in combat
10-15-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (1)Gideon StraussSpiritual Practices
02-11-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (10)Gideon Strausscreation
02-18-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (11)Gideon Straussjustice
02-25-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (12)Gideon Strausshuman dignity
10-22-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (2)Gideon StraussSpirituality of political practice
10-29-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (3)Gideon StraussSpirituality of political practice
11-19-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (4)Gideon StraussApartheid
11-26-2010Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (5)Gideon StraussPsalm 137
01-14-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (7)Gideon Straussevil
01-21-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (8)Gideon StraussPsalms
01-28-2011Wonder, Heartbreak and Hope (9)Gideon StraussPsalm 19
12-03-2010Wonder, Heartbreak, and Hope (6)Gideon Straussinjustice
07-19-2008World Language, Mutual Understanding?James SkillenDiplomacy
09-21-2012Wrapping Opportunity in the FlagTimothy Sherrattrole of government
01-03-2000Y2K PoliticsJames SkillenPolitics/Government
06-22-1998Yes, Wisconsin!James SkillenEducation
10-09-2000You Weren't Expecting Lincoln-Douglas, Were You?Keith PavlischekElection 2000
03-22-2013Youth Violence, Civil Society and the Power of RelationshipsHarold Dean Trulearmentoring recidivism
07-28-2003Zimbabwe's Mess and the U.S. ResponseTracy KuperusForeign Policy
05-10-2013“A Kind of Solution”: Cavafy’s BarbariansAaron BelzWaiting for the Barbarians
02-01-2013“As to the Ring”: Solon’s DemocracyAaron BelzWestern democracy
11-03-2014“Boring” Election, High StakesTimothy Sherrattmiddle class
07-06-2012“Christian Democracy”—An Oxymoron?James W. SkillenChristian democracy
01-04-2016“Ethics for Caesar”? The Good of Political OfficeDavid Koyzispolitical office
12-15-2014“Fierce Convictions”Byron BorgerAbolition
10-20-2014“Forgive Us: Confessions of a Compromised Faith”Byron Borgerpublic confession
06-01-2012“I didn’t know that!” – How Health Care Reform is Beginning to Control CostsClarke E. Cochranhealth care reform
11-17-2014“Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption”Byron BorgerBryan Stevenson
04-20-2012“Justice” in America: Two ShootingsSteven E. MeyerCriminal Justice
04-06-2012“More Than It Says”: Adrienne Rich (1929-2012) and the Political PoemHannah VanderHartAdrienne Rich
03-13-2009“New Politics” Still Just a PromiseJames SkillenPolitics/Government
12-20-2013“Orange States” and “Tricolor States” in Post-Soviet UkraineDavid KoyzisOrange Revolution
01-19-2015“The Hobbit Party” and “Called to the Life of the Mind”Byron BorgerRichard Mouw
03-01-2013“Who Stole the Soul?” The Political Poetry of Public EnemyAaron BelzPublic Enemy