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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
05-27-2011Moral Conversation and Christian Political EngagementTimothy SherrattChristian political engagement
03-06-2006Prophetic Politics Goes to Washington?Timothy SherrattPolitics/Government
11-15-2013A Papal Antidote for Our Doctrinaire Politics?Timothy Sherrattpolitical polarization
10-26-2007Sorry, But Your Soul Just DiedTimothy StoenBioethics
02-04-2011Egypt After the FallTodd DeatherageDemocracy
05-16-2014Transforming the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictTodd Deatherageconflict resolution
09-29-2014Fiscal Justice for Tomorrow’s ChildrenTodd P. Steenfiscal responsibility
04-05-2013Fixing Social Security for All of UsTodd P. SteenSocial Security
07-29-2011In Praise of the Debt CeilingTodd P. Steennational debt
09-07-2012Should We Jump Off the Fiscal Cliff?Todd P. Steennational debt
02-04-2011No Child Left Behind and Education Reform (continued)Townsend Lange McNitt, Kathryn L. Wiens, Timothy P. Wienseducation reform
07-28-2003Zimbabwe's Mess and the U.S. ResponseTracy KuperusForeign Policy
02-17-2012A Look at Immigration through the Eyes of Biblical Justice Tyler Johnsonimmigration reform
04-06-2012A Busy Week in the Nuclear BusinessTyler Wigg-StevensonNorth Korea
07-09-2010A New Paradigm for Nuclear SecruityTyler Wigg-StevensonNuclear Security
11-30-2012Why Nunn-Lugar MattersTyler Wigg-Stevensonnuclear non-proliferation
03-25-2011Natural Law, Common Grace, and Public JusticeVincent Bacotenatural law
11-17-2014A Post-Election Opportunity for PerspectiveVincent BacoteCitizenship
02-17-2012Those were the Days…or were they?Vincent BacoteRonald Reagan
03-08-2013Staying in the Political GameVincent Bacoteyoung Christians
10-21-2011Considering a LegacyVincent BacoteAbraham Kuyper
01-21-2011The Significance of the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.Vincent Bacote, Jonathan D. Fitzgerald, Xavier PickettMartin Luther King Jr.
08-26-2011Reflections on the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.Vincent Bacote, Jonathan D. Fitzgerald, Xavier PickettMartin Luther King
06-13-2016Political Discipleship?Vincent E. Bacotepolitical discipleship
11-21-2016Disciples After the ElectionVincent E. Bacotepolitical discipleship
04-06-2015After the End: An Easter MeditationWilliam Edgarglobal Christianity
07-27-2015Solomon’s Porch or the Academy of Athens?William Edgaruniversity education
02-09-2015My People: Properly Subversive TheologyWilliam Edgarsubversive theology
09-28-2015The Apostle Paul: A Revolutionary Conservative William Edgarcitizenship
01-12-2015Blessed ComplexityWilliam EdgarOs Guinness
02-08-2016Big Picture LeadershipWilliam Edgarleadership
12-08-2014Christmas SchmaltzWilliam EdgarSuffering
03-28-2016Resurrection PowerWilliam EdgarEaster
08-02-2013The Big PictureWilliam Edgarsphere sovereignty
11-10-2014Neither Utopia Nor IndifferenceWilliam EdgarPaul Weyrich
07-04-2016Putting America’s “Greatness” Into PerspectiveWilliam EdgarAmerican exceptionalism
10-13-2014Learning from the FrenchWilliam Edgarspiritual disciplines
09-15-2014Despair or Renaissance?William Edgarglobalization
08-18-2014Other Cheek Diplomacy?William EdgarBertrand Russell
07-21-2014Is There a Why? Thoughts on the HolocaustWilliam EdgarAuschwitz
06-23-2014History Is MessyWilliam EdgarGod’s will
12-02-2011The Future of Kuyperian AnswersWilliam EdgarKuyper
05-23-2014Mendacium OffisiosumWilliam EdgarDon Ridenhour Prize
04-18-2014Good Friday and PoliticsWilliam Edgarcreation
01-24-2014The State of the Union: Hope with Guts in ItWilliam EdgarState of the Union address
09-07-2012First Principles and the ElectionWilliam EdgarChristian Democratic principles
11-05-2010Addressing the Role of Government in Response to the Rise of the Tea Party MovementWilliam Edgar, Hilary SherrattTea Party
11-14-2005The Redistricting Game: Parties 2, Citizens 0William Harperproportional representation
02-21-2005Iraqi Elections: Way Ahead of Us?William Harperproportional representation
11-15-2004Moral Issues, Divided Society, and the ElectionsWilliam HarperElection 2004
08-23-2004Doing Justice to Environmental ComplexityWilliam HarperEnvironment
06-28-2004Reagan—Bush 2004?William HarperElection 2004
02-09-2004Postponing the Kerry CoronationWilliam HarperElection 2004
11-03-2003The Myth of Essential PrivatenessWilliam HarperCivil Society
05-05-2003An Iraqi Democracy Should Be A Pluralist DemocracyWilliam Harperproportional representation
07-16-2001Party Loyalty: Why Expect It?William Zimmermanproportional representation
11-12-2010Reactions to the Political Implications of the Book, The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian AmericaXavier Pickett, Nate BarksdaleEvangelicals