Capital Commentary is the weekly current-affairs publication of CPJ, written to encourage the pursuit of public justice.

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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
12-31-2001Tanks at the Manger?James SkillenPluralism
12-17-2001Exposing the Roots of HatredKeith PavlischekTerrorism
12-03-2001A Faith-Based Christmas PackageStephen LazarusCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
11-19-2001Prudence on National Missile DefenseLynn RobinsonNational Missile Defense
11-05-2001Beyond the Military CampaignJames SkillenTerrorism
10-22-2001Seamless SillinessKeith PavlischekTerrorism
10-08-2001The Real Religious EstablishmentStephen LazarusEducation
09-24-2001The Ignominious Pretension of Falwell/RobertsonJames SkillenTerrorism
09-10-2001Time to Fix Bilingual EducationCharles GlennEducation
08-27-2001Retarget the Farm SubsidiesJames Skillenfarm subsidies
08-13-2001An Uphill Climb to True ToleranceStephen LazarusCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
07-30-2001Which Way, Senator Lieberman?Keith PavlischekCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
07-16-2001Party Loyalty: Why Expect It?William Zimmermanproportional representation
07-02-2001The Grand Folly of Missile DefenseAUTHORnuclear weapons
06-18-2001The Poverty of Public Moral DiscourseJames Skillenpolitical discourse
06-04-2001Jeffords' Defection: The Tip of an IcebergJack BoeveElectoral Reform
05-21-2001Capital Punishment, Justice, and Timothy McVeighKeith PavlischekCapital Punishment/Death Penalty
05-07-2001We're All "Faith-Based" NowStephen LazarusCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
04-23-2001Chinese Wake-Up CallJames SkillenForeign Policy
04-09-2001The Discrimination OlympicsStephen LazarusCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
03-26-2001Financing ElectionsJames Skillencampaign finance reform
03-12-2001A Pain in the Neck: Who is Responsible?Michelle Volloccupational health
02-26-2001Equal Treatment, YES; Discrimination and Demagoguery, NOKeith PavlischekCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
02-12-2001Charitable Choice Behind BarsJack BoeveCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
01-29-2001Who Are The Conservatives Now?James SkillenEducation
01-15-2001Tax Cuts and Savings RatesJames Skillentax reform
01-01-2001Race and Politics: A New Year's ChallengeKeith PavlischekRace Relations
12-18-2000Mending the BreachStephen LazarusRace Relations
12-04-2000Election 2000, the Legislature and the Rule of LawKeith PavlischekElection 2000
11-20-2000Give Thanks!James SkillenElection 2000
11-06-2000Directions versus IssuesJames SkillenElection 2000
10-23-2000Forget the DebatesJames SkillenElection 2000
10-09-2000You Weren't Expecting Lincoln-Douglas, Were You?Keith PavlischekElection 2000
09-25-2000O Give Me a Plain, Where the Caribou Roam...AUTHOREnergy/Environment
09-11-2000Is America God's Mediator to the Globe?James SkillenElection 2000
08-28-2000More Religion, PleaseJames SkillenElection 2000
08-14-2000The Race to Consolidate the Moral MajorityJames SkillenElection 2000
07-31-2000War Over DrugsMichelle Volldrug pricing
07-17-2000One Step Forward...AUTHORreligious freedom
07-03-2000Public Schools, Prayer and Creatures of the StateAUTHOREducation
06-19-2000Rudderless PoliticsJames Skillenpresidential campaigns
06-05-2000Social Security and the PoorJames SkillenSocial Security
05-22-2000Fueling Retirement SecurityJames SkillenSocial Security
05-08-2000Evangelicals, Sex and Liberal IntoleranceKeith PavlischekEducation
04-24-2000Let Baptists be BaptistsStephen Lazarusreligious freedom
04-10-2000Elian Versus Castro's Family ValuesKeith PavlischekCuba
03-27-2000Catholic House Chaplain: What's the Problem?James Skillenreligious freedom
03-13-2000The Race to the BottomKeith PavlischekElection 2000
02-28-2000All-out WarAUTHORoccupational health
02-14-2000Party-ing in the MiddleChristen Yatespresidential campaigns
01-31-2000Vermont, Public Justice, and MarriageAUTHORMarriage/Family
01-17-2000Parents RightsJames SkillenMarriage/Family
01-03-2000Y2K PoliticsJames SkillenPolitics/Government
12-20-1999The Difficulty of Choosing ChoiceKeith PavlischekEducation
12-06-1999Civic Education's Crisis—and OpportunityAUTHOREducation
11-22-1999Progress (of all kinds) Through Economic Growth?James SkillenWorld Trade Organization
11-08-1999Homophobia: Excuse or Cause?Keith PavlischekLGBT
10-25-1999Is the Death Penalty Still Viable?AUTHORcapital punishment
10-11-1999Congressional ContradictionsJames SkillenPolitics/Government
09-27-1999Gen X PoliticsStephen LazarusPolitics/Government
09-13-1999No Quotas for ReligionJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
08-30-1999DOSA, Anyone?Keith PavlischekBoy Scouts
08-16-1999Abortion Up, Crime Down?James SkillenAbortion
08-02-1999What's an FBO?James SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
07-19-1999Ten Commandment PoliticsStephen LazarusEducation
07-05-1999Taking Aim at Gun ControlRoy Clousergun control
06-21-1999Off and Running for President: Good News and BadJames SkillenElection 2000
06-07-1999Goring the SeparationistsKeith PavlischekCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
05-24-1999Columbine High, Clinton, and KosovoStephen LazarusMorality
05-10-1999At the Center, Not the MarginsJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
04-26-1999Strategy and Justice in KosovoKeith PavlischekForeign Policy
04-12-1999Just or Unjust War?James SkillenForeign Policy
03-29-1999Confessions of the Master of SpinStephen LazarusPolitics/Government
03-15-1999Majority No Longer Moral?James Skillenproportional representation
03-01-1999Follow Joseph, Not HobbesStanley Carlson-ThiesY2K
02-15-1999Kosovo and American PowerKeith PavlischekForeign Policy
02-01-1999Taking Slavery SeriouslyStephen LazarusForeign Policy
01-18-1999Campaign MessagesJames SkillenElection 2000
01-04-1999Stand Up for SomethingJames SkillenMorality
12-21-1998Hungarian RhapsodyAUTHOREducation
12-07-1998Paternal Responsibilities And Abortion LogicKeith PavlischekAbortion
11-23-1998PollutionJames SkillenPolitics/Government
11-09-1998Sex, Race and Marriage LawKeith PavlischekMarriage/Family
10-26-1998Against the DeclineJames SkillenCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
10-12-1998Impeachment is Office PoliticsStephen LazarusPolitics/Government
09-28-1998The Abdication of AuthorityJames SkillenPolitics/Government
09-14-1998What's Wrong with Terrorism, Anyway?Keith PavlischekForeign Policy
08-31-1998This Year's Biggest ScandalKeith PavlischekForeign Policy
08-17-1998Out of FocusJames SkillenPolitics/Government
08-03-1998Religious Liberty and the Zealot StateStephen LazarusReligious Liberty
07-20-1998Land Preservation and the Common GoodHenry Suhrenvironment
07-06-1998Chinese TheaterMichelle VollForeign Policy
06-22-1998Yes, Wisconsin!James SkillenEducation
06-09-1998School Prayer Isn't the SolutionJames SkillenReligious Liberty
05-25-1998The Carcass of Dead PoliticsAUTHORForeign Policy
05-11-1998Private Affair or Public Business?Jerry Herbertexecutive privilege
04-27-1998Food, Farming, and Foreign PolicyJames SkillenForeign Policy
04-13-1998America's Debt to AfricaJames SkillenForeign Policy
03-30-1998A Boy Scout Will be Brave, Reverent...and Tolerant?James Skillenpluralism
03-16-1998Lawmaking and the Supreme CourtJames SkillenPolitics/Government