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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
10-18-2013Supreme Court Watch: Prayer and Pluralism RevisitedJulia K. Stronkssupreme court
06-14-2013Sustaining Medicare: Controversies and AlternativesClarke E. CochranAffordable Care Act
10-15-2010Symposium: "Which American city offers the healthiest climate for the flourishing of evangelical public intellectuals?"Michael Hickerson, Matthew Kaemingk, Jonathan D. FitzgeraldEvangelical Public Intellectuals
10-29-2010Symposium: "Which American city offers the healthiest climate for the flourishing of evangelical public intellectuals?" (2)Drew Henderson, Josh GoodEvangelical Public Intellectuals
08-03-2012Taking Aim at Gun ControlRoy ClouserSecond Amendment
07-05-1999Taking Aim at Gun ControlRoy Clousergun control
02-01-1999Taking Slavery SeriouslyStephen LazarusForeign Policy
06-14-2013Taking the Long ViewBrant HimesAbraham Kuyper
12-31-2001Tanks at the Manger?James SkillenPluralism
01-15-2001Tax Cuts and Savings RatesJames Skillentax reform
10-28-2011Tax Reform and CompromiseTed Williams IIItax reform
10-29-2010Tea Party IdeologyMichael GersonTea Party
06-24-2011Teaching the Art of Conversation and CivilityAlissa Wilkinsonmillennials
11-05-2010Teapot Tempest Temporary?David T. KoyzisTea Party
03-22-2013Tempered Praise for New Director of White House Faith-Based OfficeStanley Carlson-ThiesWhite House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
07-19-1999Ten Commandment PoliticsStephen LazarusEducation
09-15-1997Teresa and DianaAUTHORMother Teresa
03-09-2012Terrifying SentencesAaron BelzZhu Yufu
09-20-2004Terrorism is Not the EnemyAUTHORTerrorism
07-26-2004Test the Candidates on Social SecurityJames SkillenSocial Security
12-04-2009The (Unfinished) Manhattan DeclarationPaul BrinkManhattan Declaration
10-26-2012The 2012 Presidential Election & National Security PolicySteven E. Meyernational security
09-28-1998The Abdication of AuthorityJames SkillenPolitics/Government
06-30-2014The Affordable Care Act Becomes “Normal” PolicyClarke E. CochranHHS
05-03-2013The Aftermath of the Post-Chávez Elections: Implications for US-Venezuelan RelationsRuth Melkonian-Hoover and Jessica AllenVenezuelan opposition
06-07-2013The American EagleAaron Belzthe American eagle
11-09-2007The Annapolis ConferenceJames SkillenMiddle East
09-28-2015The Apostle Paul: A Revolutionary Conservative William Edgarcitizenship
07-16-2010The Art of DeterrenceBrian AutenDeterrence
08-02-2013The Big PictureWilliam Edgarsphere sovereignty
04-06-2012The Birth Control Mandate and Second-Class Religious InstitutionsStanley Carlson-Thiesfaith-based organizations
04-29-2011The Call of the Hour: A True Christian Approach to PoliticsTed Williamspolitics
05-25-1998The Carcass of Dead PoliticsAUTHORForeign Policy
09-28-2012The Case for the Crime Victims’ Rights AmendmentMark JansenCriminal Justice
06-07-2013The Case for US Intervention in SyriaMichael GersonUS intervention
04-18-2005The Charity Sector Isn't Full of Enrons!AUTHORNon-Profit Organizations
09-21-2012The Chicago Teachers’ Strike: A Just Conflict?Brian Dijkemalabor relations
10-27-2014The Church’s Role in EducationMackenzie Harmonpolitical community
04-01-2011The Civility MandateRichard J. Mouwcivility
06-30-2014The Collapse of IraqSteven E. MeyerSykes-Picot Agreement
03-01-2013The Complexity and Urgency of the Problem of Gun ViolenceTed Williams IIIChicago
04-25-2014The Continuing SagaSteven E. MeyerRussia
12-23-2011The Contraception Mandate Violates Religious FreedomChelsea Langstoncontraceptive mandate
01-26-2015The Cradle Fund: A Bridge for Shalom in the Middle EastCharles Strohmerrefugees
03-18-2011The Crisis of Global PovertyBrian Fikkertinternational poverty
07-15-2011The Cross in PoliticsClay Cookepolitical theology
07-27-2012The Decline of the American Family: An Economic CatastropheTed Williams IIIpoverty
01-17-2014The Decline of US Power Steven E. MeyerAfghanistan
09-07-2012The Deep DivideAaron Belzthe arts
03-21-2005The Democracy DilemmaAUTHORForeign Policy
02-14-2014The Devil’s in the Details (Literally)Stephen V. MonsmaOklahoma ACLU
12-20-1999The Difficulty of Choosing ChoiceKeith PavlischekEducation
08-25-2014The Diplomacy of Wisdom: Agency of Peaceful ChangeCharles Strohmerwisdom tradition
04-09-2001The Discrimination OlympicsStephen LazarusCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
05-02-2016The Electoral College: Balancing Competing GoodsJesse Covingtonelectoral college
06-14-2013The Elephant WhisperersRobert Joustrapolitical decision making
05-10-2013The Elusive Quest for Balance in Political LegislationHarold Heiefederal budget deficit
12-23-1996The End of Pluralism?David CoolidgeMarriage/Family
10-28-1996The Environment of the CommonwealthJames SkillenEnergy/Environment
12-07-2012The Environmental “Cliff”Steven E. Meyerclimate change
01-11-2016The Equality Act, LGBT Rights, and Religious FreedomChelsea LangstonLGBT
07-21-2014The Ethical Conflict Underlying the Disagreements Over the Hobby Lobby RulingJason E. Summersutilitarianism
01-13-2012The Ethical Pitfalls of Egg DonationElaine PettyIVF
12-03-2010The Ethical Promise and Challenge of Simulation-based Military TrainingJason E. Summerstechnology
02-25-2011The Ethics of Unmanned Drones in Modern WarfareJonathan ShineJust War
07-28-2014The Eurasian Dream and MH17Robert J. JoustraMH17
03-30-2007The European Union at 50James SkillenEuropean Union
10-27-2014The European Union at a Crossroads?Alice-Catherine CarlsUkraine
10-04-2004The Everlasting Faith-Based InitiativeStephen Lazarusfaith-based organizations
03-28-2014The Example of Pope FrancisMichael J. GersonPope Francis
09-07-2012The Failure of Partisan Approaches to Economic OpportunityMichael J. Gerson2012 Presidential Election
03-16-2007The Faith-Based Initiative After 2008Stephen LazarusThe Faith-Based Initiative
03-07-2005The Faith-based Initiative—Round TwoAUTHORCharitable Choice / Welfare Reform
11-17-2014The Fall of the WallSteven E. MeyerSoviet Union
09-11-2009The Fallacy of Nation BuildingSteven E. MeyerForeign Policy
08-01-2008The Fannie-Freddie Bail OutJames SkillenEconomy
06-21-2013The Farm Bill and Agricultural PolicyRonald J. Vosagricultural policy
01-17-2014The Fight Against PovertyMichael J. GersonGovernment
11-04-2011The Flawed Technological Approach to Electoral Reform of Americans ElectJason E. Summerstechnology
11-30-2012The Fragile Path toward PeaceAmy E. Black Gaza
06-22-2012The Fundamental Debate Between Liberalism & PluralismMichael J. Gersoncontraceptive mandate
12-02-2011The Future of Kuyperian AnswersWilliam EdgarKuyper
05-11-2012The Future of the Marriage DebateMichael Gersonsame-sex marriage
04-26-2013The George W. Bush Museum and Library DedicationMichael J. Gerson AIDS
07-02-2001The Grand Folly of Missile DefenseAUTHORnuclear weapons
11-04-2002The Growing Instability of International PoliticsJames SkillenGlobal Community
05-09-2014The Heart of the Sexual Assault CrisisRyan O’DowdWhite House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault
08-02-2013The Hobby Lobby Case and Principled PluralismChelsea Langstoncontraception mandate
09-24-2001The Ignominious Pretension of Falwell/RobertsonJames SkillenTerrorism
02-15-2013The Impact of the Sequester on our National DefenseSteven E. Meyersequester
10-23-2009The Impractical Pragmatism of Healthcare ReformJames SkillenHealth Care
11-18-2011The Injustice of Alabama's Immigration LawJenny Yangimmigration reform
06-15-2015The International Institutionalism We Need NowRobert J. JoustraWorld Bank
03-23-2012The Interrupters: A Story of Restorative JusticeJosh Larsendocumentary film
10-25-2013The Iranian Nuclear ConundrumSteven E. MeyerP5+1
02-15-2016The Isaiah Wall and the World: Peacekeeping in a World Without Peace to KeepRobert J. Joustrapeacekeeping
10-28-2011The Justice of Covering Immigrant Children in SCHIPEmilie WolfSCHIP
11-11-2011The Justice of Economic MobilityMichael J. Gersonpoverty
07-22-2011The Justice of Responsible LendingRachel Hope Andersonhousehold debt
06-19-2009The Kabuki DanceSteven E. MeyerPolitics/Government