Capital Commentary is the weekly current-affairs publication of CPJ, written to encourage the pursuit of public justice.

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Publication Date Title Authors(s) Topic
01-12-2015Seeking Just Lending PracticesStephen K. Reevesusury laws
01-12-2015Faith-Based Organizations Responding to EbolaAnne Petersonsafe burial practices
01-12-2015Unquotable QuotesAaron Belzpolitical rhetoric
01-12-2015Blessed ComplexityWilliam EdgarOs Guinness
01-05-2015An Important Year for Religious LibertyTimothy Sherrattprincipled pluralism
01-05-2015A New Year for CongressAmy E. Black and Kira Dittmanimmigration reform
01-05-2015The Power and Principle of Nonviolent ProtestHarold Dean Trulearracial injustice
01-05-2015Christians: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?James W. Skillenpolitical renewal
12-22-2014The Limits of European UnityDavid KoyzisCatholic social teaching
12-22-2014Torture, Ethics, and the LawSteven E. Meyer9/11
12-22-2014Corruption and Transparency: Who the Data Revolution is ForgettingJenny Hydedata revolution
12-22-2014A Christmas Reflection for Ordinary PeopleRoy ClouserChristmas
12-15-2014Can a Nuclear State be a Just State?Robert J. Joustrapublic justice
12-15-2014Clergy and Millennials Pursuing Justice in FergusonHarold Dean Trulearracial injustice
12-15-2014Civil Discourse and Principled Pluralism on University CampusesChelsea Langstonreligious student organizations
12-15-2014“Fierce Convictions”Byron BorgerAbolition
12-08-2014Judicial Action and Marriage InequalityStanley Carlson-ThiesSCOTUS
12-08-2014Protest PsalmsGreg Ayersthe Reformation
12-08-2014Christmas SchmaltzWilliam EdgarSuffering
12-08-2014Native American Education: One (Mostly) Successful StoryRon PolinderNavajo Nation
12-01-2014Governing After the Midterms: Intransigence or Productivity?Timothy SherrattRepublican party
12-01-2014What Does it Mean to Enforce the Rule of Law for Undocumented Immigrants?Stephanie Summerslegal status
12-01-2014Law and ViolenceJohn InazuMichael Brown
12-01-2014The Role of Young Alumni in Closing the Graduation GapRoy Chancollege access
11-24-2014Living and DyingStephen V. Monsmahuman dignity
11-24-2014Transformative Justice in FergusonMikael Pelzracial discrimination
11-24-2014Patriotism, Personal Ambition, and “Foxcatcher”Josh Larsenpatriotism
11-24-2014Public Justice and Education in Indian Country (3)Ben GibsonNative American education
11-17-2014Enlarging Our Understanding of Institutional Religious FreedomStephanie Summersfaith-based organizations
11-17-2014A Post-Election Opportunity for PerspectiveVincent BacoteCitizenship
11-17-2014“Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption”Byron BorgerBryan Stevenson
11-17-2014The Fall of the WallSteven E. MeyerSoviet Union
11-10-2014Neither Utopia Nor IndifferenceWilliam EdgarPaul Weyrich
11-10-2014MemorizationAaron BelzMichael Gove
11-10-2014The Local Church: A Place of Compassion in the Syrian CrisisRupen DasSyrian civil war
11-10-2014Barriers to Higher Education for Low-Income StudentsHilary YanceyHoxby and Avery
11-03-2014“Boring” Election, High StakesTimothy Sherrattmiddle class
11-03-2014Instruction vs. EducationCharles Glenncommon good
11-03-2014Abortion Regulations and Public JusticeClarke Cochranwomen’s health
11-03-2014Changing the Currency of Rural PovertyAnnelise JolleyVSLA
10-27-2014Freedom as AuthorityDavid KoyzisYves René Simon
10-27-2014The Church’s Role in EducationMackenzie Harmonpolitical community
10-27-2014The European Union at a Crossroads?Alice-Catherine CarlsUkraine
10-27-2014Study Abroad and Health Professions EducationJessica Venturastudy abroad
10-20-2014ISIL and the International SystemPaul S. Rowereligious war
10-20-2014“Forgive Us: Confessions of a Compromised Faith”Byron Borgerpublic confession
10-20-2014Public Justice and Education in Indian Country (2)Ben GibsonNative American reservations
10-20-2014When Water Poverty Hits HomeGeorge McGrawwater poverty
10-13-2014Learning from the FrenchWilliam Edgarspiritual disciplines
10-13-2014Marilynne Robinson’s AmericaAaron Belztotal depravity
10-13-2014Why a US Counter-Terrorism Strategy to Defeat ISIL Must Include WomenChristy VinesIraq
10-13-2014Law, Politics, and Society: A Special Challenge for ChristiansJames W. Skillensociety
10-06-2014Pulpit Freedom, Good News, and Public JusticeTimothy SherrattHugh Heclo
10-06-2014Preserving Pluralism in University Student OrganizationsChelsea LangstonUniversity of Michigan
10-06-2014The New Climate EconomyRusty Pritchardthe New Climate Economy
10-06-2014Why Justice Requires Educational DiversityPeter Mitchelleducational opportunity
09-29-2014Does Religious Diversity Count?Stephen V. Monsmastudent organizations
09-29-2014Fiscal Justice for Tomorrow’s ChildrenTodd P. Steenfiscal responsibility
09-29-2014Why are We Prosecuting Sex Trafficking Victims?Nate Friersoncriminal justice system
09-29-2014Improving Health in Ethiopia Through Partnerships with the ChurchEmily Robinson and Getahun AsresHIV testing
09-22-2014Seeking Peace in Election SeasonStephanie Summersvoting
09-22-2014Beyond the “Genderization” of War: Women, Religion, and the Future of IraqChristy Vineswomen’s rights
09-22-2014Starred Up’s Model PrisonerJosh Larsenyouth offenders
09-22-2014Public Justice and Education in Indian CountryBen GibsonEducation
09-15-2014Despair or Renaissance?William Edgarglobalization
09-15-2014Pluralism, Education Policy, and the Reality of Unintended ConsequencesKevin R. den Dulkprincipled pluralism
09-15-2014"Secular Government, Religious People"Byron BorgerSecular Government Religious People
09-15-2014The Past and Future of WarSteven E. Meyerglobalization
09-08-2014Christ and CrisisTimothy Sherrattinternational relations
09-08-2014Priests and Prophets in FergusonHarold Dean Trulearracism
09-08-2014Kairos in FergusonAaron BelzKiller Mike
09-08-2014The Virtue of Acting SlowlyBradford LittlejohnRussell Kirk
08-25-2014One Hundred Years Later: The Psalms and the First World WarDavid KoyzisWorld War I
08-25-2014The Public Good of Public HealthJess Halecommon good
08-25-2014The Diplomacy of Wisdom: Agency of Peaceful ChangeCharles Strohmerwisdom tradition
08-25-2014Gentrification and Urban Transformation: A Local Developer’s PerspectiveMikael PelzWealthy Street
08-18-2014Midterm Elections: Turning Battles into OpportunitiesAmy E. Black midterm elections
08-18-2014Politics and ProseByron BorgerNeo-Calvinism
08-18-2014Other Cheek Diplomacy?William EdgarBertrand Russell
08-18-2014Wisdom: The Missing Agency of Foreign PolicyCharles StrohmerAncient Near East
08-11-2014Responsibility, Power, and Irresponsible InterventionBradford LittlejohnUkraine
08-11-2014The North Carolina Poet Laureate Question (2)Aaron BelzArt
08-11-2014The Local Church: Mosaic and the Renewal of Little Rock 72204Mikael Pelzcommunity development
08-11-2014Welcome to Jury DutyHilary Sherratt Yanceylaw
08-04-2014Polarization, Representation and DiversityTimothy Sherrattpolarization
08-04-2014Intelligence: A Noble Profession?Steven E. Meyer intelligence
08-04-2014Responding to the Unaccompanied Minor CrisisAaron Korthuisundocumented minors
08-04-2014What are the Responsibilities of Teachers Unions?Theodore Williams III and Mackenzie Harmonunions
07-28-2014Pragmatic ConservationRusty PritchardDominican Republic
07-28-2014The Eurasian Dream and MH17Robert J. JoustraMH17
07-28-2014The North Carolina Poet Laureate Question (1)Aaron BelzValerie Macon
07-28-2014Artists Unite: Gentrification and the Village of West GreenvilleMikael PelzVillage of West Greenville
07-21-2014Principled PersonhoodChelsea Langstonreligious freedom
07-21-2014Is There a Why? Thoughts on the HolocaustWilliam EdgarAuschwitz
07-21-2014The Ethical Conflict Underlying the Disagreements Over the Hobby Lobby RulingJason E. Summersutilitarianism
07-21-2014Politics and ProseByron BorgerDordt College
07-14-2014Hobby Lobby's Implications for WomenMichelle Crotwell Kirtleywomen’s health
07-14-2014Gentrification: Building Diverse Communities?Mikael Pelzdislocation
07-14-2014Employers Aren’t Generic: Hobby Lobby and Institutional Religious FreedomStanley Carlson-Thiesfaith-based organizations
07-14-2014Civilization(s) on the Brink in Dawn of the Planet of the ApesJosh LarsenDawn of the Planet of the Apes