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Kira Dittman, Hannah Considine, and Amy E. Black

Article Summary: 

Bible gives a clear mandate that we are to be generous to all in need, issuing a special call to care for the most vulnerable groups in society. Most domestic anti-poverty programs in the United States currently target single women and children as the most vulnerable groups. However, many social, economic, and cultural forces have given rise to an additional group in need of assistance: young, less-educated, single men.

Amy Black, Kira Dittman, and Hannah Considine explore this biblical mandate in light of our modern context. They discuss the causes and consequences of the emergence of this vulnerable group of men, calling for anti-poverty programs to direct more attention to the growing population of unskilled men who have difficulty securing well-paying jobs, face declining chances of getting married, and struggle with diminishing prospects for their future. The authors argue that churches, community organizations, and policy makers have new opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and bring fresh hope by assisting this overlooked group to move from economic insecurity to self-sufficiency.

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