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Daniel Allen

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The controversial Iran nuclear deal, set to be finalized in October, has been the source of intense international and domestic dispute. Neither the proponents of the deal nor its critics have fully presented the situation in a way that enables people to understand the deal’s goals and implications accurately. In particular, many Christian Americans tend to see current events in apocalyptic terms, and prominent Christian voices have discussed the Middle East, Islam, and this deal with a lack of nuance and a prominent spirit of fear.

In this article, Daniel Allen takes a closer look at the deal, outlining both its flaws and the ways it can achieve important gains for slowing nuclear proliferation and avoiding more regional confrontations. He argues that the despite the deal’s shortcomings, it is a net positive, giving the global community an opportunity to avoid another war. He challenges Christians to consider the deal from within the framework of Just War principles and our call to be peacemakers.

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