Kuyper Lecture

The 2015 Kuyper Lecture will be given at Calvin College on Friday, May 1, at 7.30 p.m.

The lecture, "Serving the City, Shaping the Political Community," will be given by
Rev. David Kim, Executive Director of the Center for Faith and Work at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York.

The lecture will be held in the Oak Room at Prince Conference Center, Calvin College. Respondents will be:

  • Vincent Bacote, Wheaton College
  • Kevin den Dulk, Calvin College
  • Katie Thompson, Editor, Shared Justice (CPJ's online journal for Millennials)

More information about the lecture can be found on the Calvin College website, here

You can also watch a live stream of the lecture here.


About the Kuyper Lecture

The Center for Public Justice introduced the Kuyper Lecture in 1995 to promote public consideration of three important dynamics at work in today's world:

  • Religion as a driving force -- the deep, driving influence of competing religions in human society
  • Christ, the Light of the world -- the comprehensive and inescapable claim of Jesus Christ on the world
  • An international Christian community -- the strength and influence of international bonds of Christian community

The annual lecture is named for Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920), an influential Dutch scholar-statesman whose contributions to public life were defined by a creative Christian response to these three dynamics. Kuyper believed that the Christian life cannot be confined to church life. Accepting Christ's claim of authority over the entire world, he sought to follow the implications of that faith into politics, journalism, education, and other human endeavors. For more information, view an essay (PDF, 19 pages) about Abraham Kuyper and the Kuyper Lecture Series.

The lecture series, often hosted in cooperation with academic institutions across the United States, gives leaders the opportunity to address the "big questions" of public life. In a follow-up roundtable discussion, the Center and the hosting institution explore implications of the topic for their respective missions.

Lectures, with responses by experts in the field, are subsequently published and are in some cases available on audiotape (call to inquire). Kuyper Lecture manuscripts from 2000 through present are available below via free download. Kuyper Lectures from 1995 through 1999 are available in book form at our Bookstore


Kuyper Lecture Archive

2014 - Victor Boutros, prosecutor, U.S. Department of Justice, “Public Justice - A Matter of Life and Death for the World's Poor

2013 - Dr. Stanley Carlson-Thies, "Prohibiting the Free Exercise Thereof: The Affordable Care Act and Other Threats to Institutional Religious Freedom"

2012 - Dr. Miroslav Volf, “A Public Faith: A Christian Alternative to Secular and Religious Political Exclusivism"

2010 - Michael J. Gerson, "City of Man"

2009 - Dr. Clarke E. Cochran, "Seeking Justice: The Imperiled Promise of Healthcare Reform"

2008 - Dr. Jonathan Chaplin, "The Future of Christian-democratic Politics"

2007 - Dr. Roy Clouser, "A Third View of Rights and Law"

2006 - Dr. Elaine Storkey, “Same-Sex Marriage and Public Policy: What Does Justice Require?

2005 - Dr. Stanley Carlson-Thies, "Keeping Faith in the Faith-Based Initiative: From Formal Neutrality to Full Pluralism in Government Partnerships with Faith-Based Social Services"

2004 - Rev. Dr. Harold Dean Trulear, "Who Is Going to Raise the Village?" with responses by Judith A. W. Thomas and Jerry Herbert 

2003 - Cong. Vernon J. Ehlers, "Protecting and Enhancing Life" with responses by Rev. Robert Sirico, Vernadette Ramirez Broyles, and Hessel Bouma III 

2002 - Paul Freston, "Christians Organizing for Political Service In Global Context" with responses by Harry Kits, Joan Rosenhauer, and Timothy Sherratt 

2001 - James Turner Johnson, "Can Force Be Used Justly? Questions of Retributive and Restorative Justice" with responses by Kenneth Johnson and Daniel Van Ness

2000 - James W. Skillen, "American Statecraft: A New Art for the 21st Century" with responses by Nancy Pearcey, Kenneth Grasso, and Jonathan Chaplin 

1999 - Bob Goudzwaard, "Globalization and the Kingdom of God" with responses by Adolfo Garcia de la Sienra, Brian Fikkert, and Larry Reed (book)

1998 - Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, "Women and the Future of the Family" with responses by Stanley J. Grenz, Mardi Keyes, and Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen (book)

1997 - Sen. Dan Coats, "Mending Fences: Renewing Justice Between Government and Civil Society" with responses by Glenn C. Loury, Mary Nelson, and Stanley W. Carlson-Thies (book)

1996 - Calvin B. DeWitt, "Caring for Creation: Responsible Stewardship of God's Handiwork" with responses by Richard A. Baer Jr., Thomas Sieger Derr, and Vernon J. Ehlers (book)

1995 - Mark A. Noll, "Adding Cross to Crown: The Political Significance of Christ's Passion" with responses by James D. Bratt, Max L. Stackhouse, and James W. Skillen (book)