The School-Choice Controversy: What Is Constitutional?

James W. Skillen, Ed.
Baker Books and the Center for Public Justice (1993)
Paperback, 110 pages 

  • Can parents choose how their children will be educated?
  • Is a voucher system legally viable?
  • Can student aid be used at sectarian schools?
  • Is public education truly neutral toward religion?

The School-Choice Controversy offers the grounding in law and constitutional philosophy anyone needs to think through the First Amendment education questions.

This symposium edited in book form presents a complete account of the controversy from a pro-voucher perspective. The authors explain precedents that have contributed to the current Supreme Court decisions and address such issues as whether secular education is religiously neutral and whether educational choice is legally defensible.Contributors include Richard A. Baer Jr., Edward J. Larson, Phillip E. Johnson, and editor James Skillen.


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